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Revive Her DriveRevive Her Drive is an online relationship guide that teaches you on how to get the spark back in your relationship. The Revive Her Drive Program is a compilation of wisdom gathered from a variety of experts. These include those on love, intimacy, relationships, and sex, from all around the world. This combines over 100 years of experience in the field of intimate relationships. What women want is different from what men want. And the key is learning how to determine which is which, how to differentiate between the two and how to bridge the gap between the two sexes. The program has been well thought out before it was introduced in the market thus you can be assured you will get to uncover secrets that you may have never thought of to bring back the spark in your sex life in an amazing way.Revive Her Drive

Revive Her Drive

The program is a guide about how men and women can come off a standstill with what is generally termed as a mid life crisis and what can be done about it to hit that sexual plateau again. The program offers a detailed guide on the myriad of things that can be done by men to simply revive her sexual drive again. The Program is a sensual system that offers a wide range of strategies, techniques, and instructions. This book really is a reputable as well as reliable content material as it’s authored by a girl. As a result, all info provided are derived from a woman’s viewpoint which makes it incredibly powerful. With this program, you will learn those good things really take time – and over time you will work yourself from scratch and help overcome negative thoughts and ideas.Revive Her Drive

The program spells out what the man needs to do, to make sure that he and his lady are on the same page when it comes to their sexual needs. Men can take advantage of this program to learn what turns on their woman. The great thing about this program is that it’s not about how to trick, manipulate, or guilt trip your wife or girlfriend into having sex with you more often, this program focuses on rebuilding the romance in your relationship. You will start to learn more about how she feels, the romance she craves and what she needs to enjoy her body. After using the program you will be able to see a significant difference, where she will respond positively to your sexual needs.

If your once happening relationship has turned into a dull, boring, sex-less relationship, then you must read on. The program is solely designed for men who are in a long-term relationship and married men. It mainly talks about relating to these men’s. So, if you don’t have a relationship or are not married you should probably ignore this, this program isnt for single men who arent in a relationship and for men who have resentment with women in general and are looking for a quick fix to get in a womens pant. But for people who are looking to get that chemistry back in their life, this solution provides for a foolproof method to getting there.

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Feng Xiaogang did not go to the award ceremony. At that time, he was singing "The Price of Love" at the "Old Paoer" concert at the Beijing Workers Stadium. Slowly playing the acoustic guitar, Director Feng sat and sang leisurely: "I was sad and wept, and I was heartbroken. This is the price of love."

   After singing, don’t forget to explode:

   "Fuck, I finally passed this level."

   is even better than the old one.

   Thousands of waits, "Old Cannon" is released. The single-day box office on Christmas Eve is half of "Villain Angel", although the latter's Douban score is only 3.8, while "Lao Paoer" has reached a rare peak in domestic films: 8.7.

   Feng Xiaogang is no stranger to this scene: he "takes a bet for the past 20 years", the film "1942" that he tried to shoot at the box office. In order to "pay the debt", he voted for the popular "Private Order" with a score of 5.6, but received 720 million in the box office amidst the criticism of "bad movies.

   No way, this is the Chinese film market-money is a lot, people are stupid, come quickly.

Fortunately, Director Feng doesn’t care about this anymore. He wrote on Weibo: “If I’m 30, I can compromise, and I’ll be the second best, because I’m going to have a long time in Japan; but I’m almost 60 years old, and I often use social news. To describe “an old man over half a hundred years old”, I am not willing to compromise because there is not much time. The purpose of making money is to make a movie that I like, and I don’t have to be ashamed of the sponsor if I fold it. This is a secret when I was in a daze for a long time. determination."

   Feng Xiaogang finally did not compromise, as if everything went back to 20 years ago when he made the first movie.


   In 1994, the well-known Feng Dao and the well-known Wang Shuo established a company called Good Dream, which is a bit like the "Good Dream One Day Tour" in "Party A and Party B."

   They collaborated on Feng's film debut, "Forever Losing My Love".

   "Forever Losing My Love" is like a clay cow into the sea, and it has not caused ripples in the movie market, but after that, they still insisted on taking the line of literary criticism and "whipping to the society."

   They want to "walk the tightrope." Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, they don't hit the south wall and don't look back.

  The southern wall of reality hit them immediately.

In 1996, "Living an Unbearable Life" was stopped shortly after it was launched. The film bureau gave the reason: "The script talks about teasing, chasing, and raping women, exposing the ugliness without flogging the ugliness... It violates social recognition. The values ​​of ethical standards mislead the public’s aesthetics.” At the end of the same year, the TV series "Behind the Moon" was banned after its completion, and millions of investments were lost.

   A good dream has become a nightmare.

   Director Feng gradually realized that in front of two objects, you have to compromise: one is the censor and the other is the audience. They are all arbiters of destiny.

   Feng Xiaogang, who was so bruised and swollen by reality, understood "what can't be resisted and what can be persisted".

   So he started to learn to compromise.

   In 1997, he returned again with Wang Shuo's script "You are not a layman". This time he learned well, with comedy themes, safe and grounded. Initially, the name of the movie was "Heart Hotter than Fire". In order to be more in line with the tastes of the audience, after more than ten revisions with theater representatives and screenwriters, it was presented to everyone as "Party A and Party B" .

   33 million, "Party A and Party B" created the myth of Chinese movie box office that year. After that, "See You or Leave" and "Endless" followed the same pattern. The box office was also hot, and the concept of "New Year's files" appeared in the domestic film market. Feng Xiaogang was called "the father of New Year's files."

   Success means a price. In addition to compromising with the audience, he had to compromise with many people: reviewers, investors, and even the invisible and intangible "relevant leaders."

   In order to repay the favor of the movie, he took over the director of the 2014 Spring Festival Gala of the Horse Year. After the Spring Festival Gala, Feng Xiaogang expressed his situation with the words in "Shajiabang": "This team is your home, but the imperial army will be your home."

  He had to be a compromiser, in order to retain some of the right to "not compromise".

Just like he went to film "Private Order" in order to pay off the debt of "1942", after "Assembly" he filmed "If You Are the One" which satisfies investors, and after the "Endless" trilogy, he turned around Go back to filming a realist theme of "Sigh"; like he dropped the cup in front of the sponsor, raised the table, and finally had to put the implanted advertisement in the movie "If You Are the One"; like he was trying to get a review for the film If you have the opportunity to flatter someone and say: "Who are you? You are standing upstairs in Tiananmen City and looking at the Beijing city. There are too many lights on this side and it is a bit dazzling, and the lights on this side will be turned off immediately."

   After Feng Xiaogang became the actor, someone joked that an actor who didn’t want to be a actor was not a good director. But in reality, if you want to be a good director, you may first need to be a "good actor": Erase Feng Xiaogang and play a good commercial film director who is obedient, sensible, grounded, and earning money.

   Once you have played well with others, you have the opportunity to be yourself.


   Feng Xiaogang nowadays finally doesn't have to bend his waist for money.

   It looks so good.

   But only oneself knows the way he has traveled. At the end of "Lao Pao Er", there is a highlight, Liu Ye dashes forward on the frozen lake, alone "fighting" against a group of people brought by the "Rich Second Generation" played by Kris Wu, preparing to die.

   In the late winter, he put on a long military coat and carried a saber, and dashed forward on the thin ice surface. The ice surface was very slippery, but he had to be "fighting". The weather has begun to warm up, and the ice under my feet can be heard creaking every step of the way. Once broken, it is estimated that people will fall to the bottom like a weight. Director Guan Hu is always worried: "The ice has melted. It's very scary. It feels almost dead."

   99% of the audience would not know these backgrounds. What we saw was Liu Ye got up with a saber and ran wildly on the ice again. It was Lao Pao'er's complete, heroic and reckless release.

  this is life. How many times have we admired and admired others for their self-persistence and unrestrained self-restraint, and how many times have we hoped that we will never compromise and have no scruples, but we can't see the cautiousness behind, walking on thin ice, facing the abyss or even hanging by a thread.

   Before you don't compromise, you have to learn to compromise, and compromise for a long time.

Most people died in compromise, as Romain Rowland said, "Die at the age of 20 or 30, and it will only be repeated day by day"; a small number of people die in uncompromising; only a few people support it. After passing the thin ice, I touched the ideal opposite shore.

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