Reduce senior truck driver workers’ compensation costs with the advanced On-Lift technology

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Lowering or raising the trailer landing gear manually- is a day-to-day job for truck drivers that can cause pain and other muscular-skeletal injuries, especially in senior drivers with 50 years or above age. As per a report published in a 2020 survey by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), truck driver injury compensation and driver retention are two of the top concerns in the trucking industry. Now the question is- what is the best way to reduce injuries and senior truck driver workers compensation costs?

The innovative and advanced On-Lift air-powered landing gear for the trailer from the Patriot Lift Company, LLC offers one technological solution that makes a truck driver’s life safer and more comfortable. A proven and reliable technology, the automated landing gear helps in eliminating injuries to the truck drivers, thereby reducing workers’ compensation costs, boosting productivity in the workplace, and retaining drivers. It also promotes Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) by enabling any truck driver, regardless of age, sex, and physical inability to perform this operation easily and efficiently.

On-Lift air-powered landing gear increases safety while reducing workers’ compensation costs

A key benefit of On-Lift air-powered landing gear technology is injury prevention and reduction, especially for senior truck drivers who are more prone to injuries. Merely eliminating the need to manually raise and lower trailer landing gears provides one less opportunity for a back, shoulder, or another muscular-skeletal injury. Also, less downtime due to injury means more increase in operational productivity while significantly reducing workers’ compensation costs.

According to a report published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, The drivers in the trucking industry are three times more likely to suffer on-the-job injuries than the workers in other private industries. Back injury is the most common form of injury faced by senior drivers, followed by shoulder injuries- as per a 2016 research review by the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


In 2014, the U.S. Department of Labor revealed another eye-opening statistic. This study revealed that for an older commercial truck driver’s shoulder injury, the median workers’ compensation claim is a staggering $15,300, which can easily be prevented by the trucking industry just by employing automatic air-powered landing gears for trailers. 

On-Lift technology saves time and boosts revenue

The same ATRI study also reveals that one of the top issues among individual truck drivers is compensation. Furthermore, for senior truck drivers, there are very few ways to legitimately speed up their work. On-Lift’s advanced technology was engineered with this very concern in mind. It allows the senior drivers to free themselves from the time-consuming and injury-prone task of manually dropping the landing gears, thereby lowering the percentage of incidence of workplace injury. Not only this, it saves time and energy to do other crucial tasks. Thus, helping in reducing workload time and a potential revenue increase of $100,000 per year or greater per 10 trailers. 

Learn More About On-Lift automatic air-powered landing gear for trailers

With On-Lift’s advanced landing gear technology, carriers and drivers across the United States are discovering lower costs, increased productivity, and enhanced efficiency. The compact system is easy to install and maintain, thereby making the once labored task of manual landing gear operation a thing of the past. The On-Lift air-operated landing gear is designed for robust operation, thanks to the extensive testing and field trials in the most extreme weather conditions at both significant high and low temperatures. 

If you are from the trucking industry, buy the On-Lift automated landing gear from Patriot Lift Company, LLC that eliminates injuries, thereby helping the senior truck driver reduce workers compensation costs and other insurance costs.

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