Reasons to Switch to E-Cigarettes.

by Kevin Smith Author

Kicking a smoking habit is no joke. By now, you don't need to be told what you already know. Cigarettes are a no- good- very- bad thing. One out of three smokers will contract lung cancer in a lifetime. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of harmful chemicals that no human being should ingest... and yet, none of these facts make quitting any easier.

That's why people are switching over to E- cigarettes in droves and shopping for e-cig liquid in Boston, MA. Not only is inhaling vapor way safer than inhaling cigarette smoke, but there's numerous other benefits which have turned this trend into a lifestyle choice.

Are you ready to make a change? Are you not necessarily looking to kick the habit, but looking to try something new? Keep reading to find out why e-cigs may be right for you. 

They're Cleaner

The lack of ash from e-cigarettes makes the fact that you enjoy tobacco a little less apparent. Gone are the days of having to remove ash from your clothes, your coffee table, or your porch. Forget about unsightly ash trays that stink up the environment. 

Additionally, you won't be scrambling to get rid of cigarette butts anymore. Any smoker knows that cigarette butts are a bit like gremlins in that if you're not careful, they'll multiply. With your new e- cigarette, the smell and cleanup are minimal to the point of being non- existent. 

Save Millions of Dollars

Okay, maybe not millions. But when you're no longer paying ten dollars a pack to get your fix, you're going to notice the effects in your bank account.

In fact, one e-cigarette cartridge will last you as long as about twenty cigarettes would. A pack of five cartridges will run you about twenty dollars. When you do the math, it's a no brainer. Not only will you be closer to kicking a nasty habit, but your wallet will be too. 

Health Benefits

This one is the most obvious, but also the most impactful. You have things to do in this life and people who care about you. Do them and yourself a favor and start taking your health into account today.

There are 70 proven carcinogens in cigarette smoke. Yes, e- cigarettes contain nicotine, but they exclude all of the extra additives that seem to only be there to harm you.

If you're looking to try something new, inquire about E-cig liquid in Boston, MA today. Choose from several different flavor varieties and stay healthy while doing it. 



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