Reasons to Install Clads in Commercial and Residential Buildings

by PRIYA P. designer Interior and exterior

The surfacing material applied on the exteriors and interiors of a construction has a profound impact on its overall appearance and structural integrity. A high-quality, durable, and aesthetically appealing surfacing material is therefore essential for the construction of a beautiful and structurally robust building.

To make sure that a building retains its attractive appearance for decades with little need for maintenance, upkeep, and frequent repairs, it is highly important to choose an appropriate surfacing material for its interior and exterior walls. For this purpose, most modern builders, architects, and interior designers prefer clads as the ideal surfacing material for both the interior and exterior walls of commercial as well as residential buildings.

Some of the reasons for the ever-growing popularity of clads are as follows:

·   Clads are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Being exceptionally hard-wearing, they are resistant to scratches, dents, abrasions, and heavy impact, making them perfect for exterior use.  They are also resistant to moisture, rain, and humidity, and are not prone to flaking, warping, or corroding when exposed to the natural elements. They also do not expand or contract with fluctuations in the temperature. These features make clads weatherproof and impervious to climactic fluctuations, which is an important factor to consider when choosing a surfacing material for external use.

·   In addition to being resistant to moisture and water, clads are also fire retardant. This makes them ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms, as any kitchen uses fire and bathroom walls are often affected by damp and other forms of water damage. The fire-retardant quality of clads also enhances the safety of the interiors of commercial as well as residential buildings. In commercial establishments that use fire for welding, repairs, lab-work, etc., the use of fire-retardant interior clads can enhance the safety of workers and customers while shielding the property from damage.

·    The best and most reputed suppliers of cladding use the revolutionary GLE technology in the manufacturing process. This technology enhances the quality of the material, thus making it more durable and easy to maintain. Installing wall clads produced with the help of GLE technology lowers maintenance hassles as well as costs. Unlike traditional houses, the exteriors of buildings that have cladding do not need to be regularly cleaned, repainted, or resurfaced. Clads have antibacterial properties that reduce health hazards and make cleaning and disinfecting the interiors and exteriors of a building an extremely easy task. Additionally, clads made with the help of GLE technology can retain their look for years as they have excellent color fastening properties and are resistant to fading and discoloration.

Some of the advantages offered by GLE technology are as follows:

· Clads manufactured with the help of GLE technology have high bonding strength and mechanical sturdiness.

· They display excellent dimensional stability.

· They are resistant to bending and high impact.

· They are resistant to the ultraviolet radiations of the sun.

· They have high chemical resistance and frost resistance.

· They have anti-soiling, anti-graffiti, and anti-static properties.

· They are not affected by acid rains.

Greenlam Clads is one of the most reputed and experienced manufacturers of cladding in the world. Utilizing the game-changing GLE technology, they produce high-quality clads with all the above-mentioned advantages and more. In order to purchase high quality clads for your home or office, you should check out the website of Greenlam Clads. Greenlam Industries, which is the parent company of Greenlam Clads, under the banner of Greenlam Laminates also manufactures the best laminates in the country that can be used to resurface furniture, fixtures, etc. Therefore, if you are planning to revamp and redecorate your living space by surfacing your furniture as well as walls with beautiful surfacing material, you can check out the price list of Greenlam laminates as well as clads. You can easily find the design catalogue and price of Greenlam laminates and clads online on their respective portals. 

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