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When the people experienced an outbreak of the swine flu in the year 2009, everyone was talking about how to eliminate the spread of the virus. Because the virus was not identified, vaccine availability was limited that year.So, people started doing something to stop transmission: wearing face masks. And, now, with the recent spread of COVID-19, people are again looking for face masks to protect themselves and others from the virus.

But what do you think, wearing a face mask stops the spread of viruses? With the help of this article, you know what experts say about the masks and how to use masks properly.

What do the experts say?

In this pandemic situation, experts say that wearing a face mask can reduce its spread. They always recommend that people should wear a face mask to cover their nose and mouth when in the community. In addition to the social distancing, frequent handwashing, and other preventive actions, this is another public health measure people should take to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

If you are sick and need to be around others, then don’t forget to wear a face mask. It can protect those around you from contracting the virus and developing an illness.

Different types of face masks:

There are different types of masks that you need to protect yourself against bacteria and viruses. Have a look:

Ø  Cloth face masks

Ø  Surgical face mask

Cloth face mask:

Cloth face masks can be used in public places, such as grocery stores, where you may be in close contact with others,and it is difficult to maintain your distance. This type of face mask is suitable to be used whenever you are within 6 feet of other people.

But, it is important to know that this type of face mask does not provide the same level of protection as surgical face masks.The cloth mask covers the nose and mouth and keeps them secure.

These types of face masksare not suitable for children under 2 years and for those people who have a breathing problem and are unable to remove their own masks.

Surgical face mask:

This type of mask is approved by the FDA for use as a medical device. Doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical facilities wear this maskwhile treating patients. This type of disposable mask is also suitable for this pandemic situation.

The disposable masks prevent large droplets of bodily fluids that may contain germs and viruses from escaping via mouth and nose. With the help of a mask, people also protect them against splashes and sprays from other people, such as sneezes and coughs.


The respirators are also known as N95 masks. They are also designed to protect people from small particles in the air, like germs and viruses. They can filter 95% of airborne particles.

So, save yourself and others by wearing face masks when you are in a public area. There are plenty of companies that offer face masks and other protective items, like gloves, face shields, and sanitizers online. It would be great to choose the best platform from where you can buy a face mask online at a very low price.

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