Properties and Industrial Uses of Fiberglass Sheet

by Sanjeev Yadav SEO Consultant
A fiberglass is a type of fiber reinforced plastic and is sometimes also known as glass reinforced plastic. They are usually flattened into a sheet depending upon the requirement or can also be arranged or woven into a fabric. It is less brittle, strong as well as lightweight. They have the tendency to be molded into various complex shapes. They can be brought in use in boats, bathtubs, roofing, aircraft as well as other applications.

Types and forms of fiberglass:

Fiberglass is basically classified into following types based on the raw materials used and their proportions to make fiberglass:

•    A-glass: Also known as alkali glass are resistant to chemicals. It is used to make process equipment.

•    C-glass: C-glass is also known as chemical glass and is well known to offer subtle resistance to chemical impact.

•    E-glass: It is also called electrical glass and is a very good insulator of electricity.

•    AE-glass: This is alkali resistant glass.

•    S glass: It is also called structural glass and is well known for its mechanical properties.

Properties of fiberglass

•    Mechanical strength: As compared to steel, fiberglass has a specific resistance, hence, can be used to make high-performance

•    Electrical characteristics: Even at a low thickness, the fiberglass acts as a good electrical insulator.

•    Incombustibility: Since fiberglass is a mineral material, it is naturally incombustible. It does not propagate or support a flame. Neither they emit smoke nor any toxic products when exposed to heat.

•    Dimensional stability: As fiberglass has a low coefficient of linear expansion, hence, is not sensitive to variations in temperature and hygrometry.

•    Compatibility with organic matrices: Fiberglass can have varying sizes and has the ability to combine with many synthetic resins and certain mineral matrices like cement.

•    Non-rotting: The best property of Fiberglass is that it does not rot and remains unaffected by any action of rodents and insects.

•    Thermal conductivity: As Fiberglass has low thermal conductivity hence, can be used in the building industry.

•    Dielectric permeability: This property of fiberglass makes it suitable for electromagnetic windows.

India is a leading supplier and manufacturer of fiberglass sheet. It is considered to be an essential component of a range of industries. They are well known to provide the most effective barrier for industrial gaskets.

Thus, to conclude, the fiberglass sheet is the most important material used in the industries. They not only provide insulation but, also helps in protecting the machinery.

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