Prepare for an Overnight Road Trip in the Best Possible Way

by Preston Tyrebay Auto Repair Garage in Preston

Overnights trips are exciting, but they can be exhausting too. A long stretch of open road, no traffic congestion, less crowd – these are just a few good things about long drives at night.

However, you have to be alert and ready for any roadside emergency. So, let’s help you and your four-wheeler get ready for the trip.

1. Check Whether All Those Lights Are Working Correctly or Not

It’s an essential first step before taking your vehicle out for a long drive at night. Check all its lights accurately; even one failing or non-working bulb won’t do!

Don’t be lazy while doing it! Merely turning on all the lights and seeing if they are working or not isn’t enough. There are three primary lighting modes- sidelights and dipped headlights along with the full beam. Give a quick look through all of them as poor visibility is a major obstruction while driving in darkness or during harsh weather conditions.

To fix any of these parts, take your vehicle to auto garages such as Preston Tyres where you’ll get efficient professionals for the job. Also, check whether the indicators and other warning lights in the dashboard are functional or not.

2. Smart Usage of Gas Mileage

Gas prices are on the rise with every passing day. So, these tips can help you save gas while driving on the road:

·         i. Accelerate slowly, and it’ll help you increasemileage byupto 30%.

ii. Don’t rush your car. Maintain a steady speed to save on fuel or gas. Experts recommend driving at speeds between 40 and 55 mph.

iii. Remove any unnecessary load from your vehicle. Extra weight consumes more fuel and also affects the functioning of your brakes and clutch along with other car components.

iv. Also, driving on rough or lousy road conditions consumes 30% more gas on an average. So, keep on smooth roads as far as possible.

v. Fill your car’s gas tank at the coolest hour of the day since gas is densest during that time.

3. Do Not Fail To Check Tyre Treads and Tyre Air Pressure

A stable and safe ride depends on the condition of the tyre treads and the air pressure inside the tyres. Also, braking distance depends on the tread depth. Hence, check tyres Preston for these things before leaving for your driveway.

Over-inflated or under-inflated tyres often lead to roadside mishaps. You’d definitely want your car tyres in Preston to perform flawlessly during the trip; so check the tyres beforehand.

4. Keep an Eye on the Engine Coolants

Most new cars come with coolant that enables them to run between 100,000 and 150,000 miles. If your vehicle has already run all those miles, then ensure you check the coolant reservoir the night before leaving and top it off if necessary.

Note: It’s a tip not for your car, but for you. Get a good sleep the previous night. While driving, if you feel sleepy or tired, pull over to stretch your arms and legs and munch on some snacks.

As the old saying goes, the journey always becomes more memorable than the destination itself. So, enjoy a safe expedition at night with your friends or family!

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