Pool Fencing Related Laws That People Often Skip

by Mark W. Glass Fencing Sydney
In terms of swimming poolside safety, pool fences are mandatory by law and there are also some rules, regulations or say, laws that have to be followed during their installation. 

There are however, no laws related to the materials used as fences and hence, people are free to use whatever suits them. 

Over the past some years, more and more people have opted for frameless glass pool fencing Sydney because of the aesthetic appeal that it gives to the area. 

Moreover, this version of fencing makes the area more spacious, completely visible and thus, more secure as well. 

In the context of the laws that have to be followed related to swimming pool fencing, there are so many things that people may not be aware of. Yes, they are aware of most of them, but this is the tendency of people to ignore reading the entire rulebook till the end. 

Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a post where we have discussed some top clauses in these laws that people may not be aware of.



Dealers of frameless pool fencing Sydney say that these fences are necessary by the law around temporary pools as well and this is the top thing that people are not aware of. 

In  other words, people having a temporary pool or the inflatable ones will have to get them fenced when in use and water more than 30 cms of depth is present there. 

In this case, the laws make it really clear that the pool has to be fenced from all four sides.


All the laws related to swimming pool fencing apply on spas and above-ground pools as well. This clearly means that in case, you are thinking about purchasing a spa, be prepared for extra expenses to get it fenced from all four sides.


Laws say that the gate present in frameless glass pool fencing Sydney should not open inwards and these gates should be opened outwards. Apart from this, these gates should also have self-latching available from all positions.


It is necessary by the law that you have CPR signs displayed very prominently around the pool and nearby the pool area. It has to be ensured that these signs are clearly visible from anywhere round the poolside.

In case, these rules and regulations are not followed and laws are broken, be ready for hefty fines, penalties and other legal implications as well.

Then, there are some tips offered by the experts related to keeping these fences clean because this is another thing mandated by the law.


Experts recommend not using any windows cleaner because cleaning with them generates results that are streaky and unsatisfactory. The best solution recommended by the vendors of frameless pool fencing Sydney is a simple dishwasher. 

Apart from this, simple water mixed with soap can also generate stunning results in terms of cleaning the pool fencing. When you see a bird dropping, or mud splatter, ensure you spot clean the area to prevent glass erosion.

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