Pick the Smoking Pipes that Expresses Your Personality the Best

Smoking has always been associated with style and class. Most of the smokers hence prefer smoking in a pipe as it makes them feel stylish and classy. However, there are varieties of smoking pipes available in the market such as glass pipes, wood pipes and metal pipes of different designs and styles. Choosing the right one expresses your personality in the best way.

Are you new to the smoker’s club? Want to start off your smoking experience in the best way? Then start it off with pipes as these are cheap so that you need not have to spend much on it, the smaller size helps you carry it around with you easily and these are the most reliable options available. Also, you can find smoking pipes in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs; therefore, by choosing a unique style or design you can flaunt it off among your friend circle.

As there are several designs and styles of smoking pipes are available it also enables you to pick a piece that suits your personality and expresses your individuality in a great manner. So let us find out the various types of smoking pipes available in the market today and analyze their pros and cons so that you can choose the one that you find suitable –

Glass Pipes

Pros –

Glass pipes are definitely one of the most reliable and stylish choices for smoking. As glass is inert you will get a pure smoking experience with a glass pipe which means that the flavor of the herb you have chosen will remain unchanged by the material you are smoking from. Therefore, you will be able to differentiate between the flavor of a good herb and a crap herb easily. Cleaning these glass pipes is quite easier as you just need to dunk them in isopropyl alcohol and let it sit until it gets completely cleaned; usually an overnight sitting is good. Also, you can find glass pipe wholesale supplier who offer a variety of glass pipes on wholesale of different makes and styles. Hence, you can pick some really cool design or color scheme that expresses your personality in the best way.

Cons –

As glass pipes are often handmade by glass blowers, these can be quite expensive options! However, the price justifies as you get the glass pipes of different designs and colors suitable to your personality. The glass pipes need proper and constant care.

Wood Pipes

Pros –

Wood pipes give a nostalgic old school feel! The wood pipes have an earthy and natural feel due to the use of woods and sometimes look as if a dad on a 50’s sitcom is smoking after a long tiring day at work! In short, wood pipes have a classic and distinctive look that offers you a throwback style. Smoke in style with these earthy and old school wood pipes!

Cons –

Cleaning a wood pipe is truly a pain. Neither you can soak it to any solution nor can you wash it off! It needs hard core brushing as it accumulates resin and smells stronger until it is impossible to hide! Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to take proper care about the smell else it will be damaged soon!

Metal Pipes

Pros –

The cheapest of the three options is the metal pipes. As these pipes can be unscrewed into smaller pieces you can use a much smaller container to clean these. Also its transportation is easier. Cleaning the metal pipes is a breeze as there is no chance of breakage! Easy to clean, transport and screw makes metal pipes a great choice for beginners!

Cons –

All the metals are not the same! Some pieces give you a taste of nickel or penny which can ruin the entire smoking experience. Therefore, you need to choose metal pipes consciously! And these look rugged and not so stylish; hence, may not attract you!

At the end, it’s completely your choice whether you want glorious glass pipes, rustic wood pipes or rugged metal pipes!

Author Information:
This article is written by Leafglass, a leading glass pipe wholesale supplier. They supply a variety ofglass pipes on wholesale, glass water pipes and many other smoking accessories at the best price to major brand names around the world.

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