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This article is going to highlight the CakePHP features that are making it into a popular PHP development platform. Read on and know the reasons to choose CakePHP framework.

Since the time of its invention, the CakePHP framework is gaining worldwide popularity among the PHP developers due to its comprehensive nature, remarkable adaptability and seamless configuration. Using this cohesive framework, you can pull all kind of utility classes into the application made by you. Also, you can create a micro-framework using the custom router classes in a speedy way using this full-stack framework.

Every CakePHP developer would agree to the point that not only in the development field, but CakePHP makes the upgradation process easier as well. (Click here to upgrade your CakePHP version)

Here is a list of some of the perks of using the CakePHP development services. Read on and handle your web development project more efficiently.

Take a short glance at the outstanding features offered by this web development platform.

  • Bake script
  • Short RL syntax
  • Smart router prefixes
  • Rich query API
  • Compatible with PHP 4 and PHP 5 versions
  • Supports all types of database and database drivers for both native and PDO
  • Flexible ACL
  • Flexible and fast templating
  • You can effortlessly work from any site directory with a very little or zero Apache configuration
  • Easy code generation
  • URLs are search engine friendly
  • Localisation

> Open Source Platform

Yes! This feature-packed web development platform is open to all.

More intriguingly, you don’t have to spend a single penny either to get it or to do code in it. Also, it is free from any kind of licensing fees. Hence, you can understand that building any application or website using CakePHP automatically reduces a lot of the overall development cost.

Another strong point of using this platform is saving time. It offers a lot of built-in and updated validation features that make the development process more time-efficient.

> Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

ORM is a technique to convert data to an incompatible system through the object-oriented programming language. The inbuilt ORM offered by CakePHP is very potent and capable. It makes working with the CRUD operations and databases effortless. All the data is present in the class form that helps in defining relations. Moreover, the pre-define callback is also possible using it.

In the CakePHP 3 i.e. the latest version of this platform comes with a PHP package manager that is missing in the older versions.

> CRUD Scaffolding

The acronym for the “create”, “read”, “update”, and “delete” operation is CRUD. These primary actions involved in the web application development process can be easily performed using the CakePHP framework.

With just a single line of code, the preliminary view of the application can be seen. The models, the controllers can be modified depending on the requirement of the application. According to most of the web application developers, the CRUD functionality offered by this platform makes the data management process significantly easier.

> MVC Pattern

The MVC pattern followed by the CakePHP framework allows the PHP experts in easy coding along with distinguishing between the business layer and the logic layer.

With this MVC model, PHP programmers can easily integrate data with logic and can save the same into the database in a presentable way to the end-users.

Well, while devising a small-scale website, you might not notice the benefits of using this MVC pattern. However, in the case of developing a large-scale website, you can strongly feel that this feature is almost like a blessing!

> Security

Well, web security is a huge concern and CakePHP will not disappoint you in providing with a secure environment. It offers inbuilt authentication and security along with facilities to reduce the time taken for user submission process.

Additionally, the CakePHP framework offers many built-in tools for input validation, CSRF protection, form tampering protection, XSS prevention, and SQL injection prevention.

> Extendable

How exciting is that when you can reuse the codes written by you!

Yes, with CakePHP, you can reuse the codes in more than a single project. Due to its easily extendable feature, CakePHP is preferred by most of the PHP developers. You can smoothly give functionalities to the plugins, helpers, components, and behaviours by reusing the already existing codes.

Other than all the aforementioned benefits, CakePHP makes sure to offer

  • The ability to create tests starting from core tests to the custom-made tests.
  • Zero pre-configuration
  • Class inheritance and many more.

If you need to build a feature-packed website with an easy approach, you can opt for CakePHP development services. Search for a trusted PHP development company from where you can hire CakePHP developers based on your requirements.

Jonathan Paul is a professional CakePHP developer with years of experience in the web development industry and presently working with PHPProgrammers, Australia’s best place to hire CakePHP developers along with other professional PHP developers in Sydney. For more information and updates, visit the official website and follow the LinkedIn page of PHPProgrammers.

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