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Young entrepreneurs, these days, are investing more in the franchise model rather than creating a solo brand. From the food beverages industry to retail sectors, the franchise model has seen gaining much popularity. The education sector is also not lagging behind. India is a state where we have witnessed major development in the education industry in the last five years and it will continue to grow as India has the biggest population of school-going children which continues to rise every passing year.

Furthermore, education is a recession-free sector and has not seen any major economic downfall during any global crisis. Due to all these factors investing in the educational sector, especially at the school level is a wise decision. Around 30% of the total population in India are school going kids within the age group of 0-14 years making it one of the largest school-going populations in the world. Therefore people are naturally inclined toward investing either in a school model by starting up a new school or in a franchise model by investing in school franchises in India.

Starting an own venture in the education industry is also beneficial like a school franchise, but it has been observed that the former comes with certain risk factors. Both have their own advantages & disadvantages and their own set of risk factors but the franchise model in the education industry is rapidly gaining popularity as the need for quality education among the masses is rising rapidly.

Here we have listed five major advantages of taking a school franchise in India. Let’s have a look at it.

Franchise Is An Replica Of Already Tested Model

The franchise is a replication of an already existing brand so taking up a school franchise will save you from the initial hurdles of brand & market promotion. Whereas starting a school will take years to establish a brand value but owning a franchise will be much easier for you to operate as people are already aware of the brand.

However, it takes years for a newly developed school to start revenue generation as it will first invest in promotion and will take a few years for proper functioning and then revenue generation will start. But while investing in a school franchise in India you are associating yourself with an already established brand name and that is why you will start generating revenue within a very short period.

A newly formed school needs to promote to gain the trust of the commoners so that more students can get enrolled. A good amount of money is needed to invest in promotional purposes but in the case of franchises you don’t need to invest a lot in brand promotion as you are investing in an already tried & tested model.

Franchise Model Comes With Less To No Risk

As stated earlier the education business is recession-free, During any Global economic crisis, this sector seems to stay unaffected as people will not stop sending their children to school in any situation. Thus investing in the school industry always comes with lesser risk. Furthermore, when you are investing in a franchise for school risks are further reduced as you will already start to enjoy the brand value from day one and new admissions will start to take place rapidly.

A Franchise Will Get Continuous Training & Support From Franchisor

When you are planning to set up a new school you need to start from scratch by building the infrastructure, legal process, recruitment, training, promotion and a lot of other tasks are involved. But while setting up a Franchise for an international school you will get continuous support from the franchiser in every aspect. You don’t need to depend on anyone as the franchiser will assist you to set up your entire team and infrastructure even if they will impart the necessary training to the staff & teachers to spread the brand value.

Continued Financial Assistance From The Franchiser

Arranging finance is a crucial part of investing in a new business. But in the case of a franchise model franchiser finances the owner by lending a loan or other means to start the business. As education is a booming industry so there is very little risk of failing. Therefore those who want to invest in a less risky business than investing in a school franchise model are ideal for them


Education is a flourishing sector that will continue to grow in the coming ages as it is a basic necessity. With every passing era, this sector will continue to develop using a variety of business models. Among all these, owning a school franchise is a profitable business plan for those who want low risk and high returns. If you are clueless or want some professional advice in developing your franchise business then contact Shri Educare to get expert assistance.

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