Narendra Modi - Horoscope of Prime Minister of India

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Narendra Damodardas Modi, the man who needs no introduction as being the 14th and current Prime Minister of India. Not just the PM, but he is also one of the most popular figures, who is known both nationally and internationally. The story of him becoming the PM is really inspiring, where he started from a normal human being to the heights of success that even a child knows who he is.


He is also one of the revolutionary political leaders who made various significant changes in India for its utter betterment. The population loves him not just because he is the prime minister, but also because he is a humble human being.


Today we will get to know about the planetary placement of Narendra Modi and how his stars made him the PM he is today. But let's have some basic birth chart details first-


Shri Narendra Modi's Birth Chart Details :

Date of Birth: 17th of September,1950

Time of Birth: 09:35 hours (09:35 AM)

Place of Birth: Vadnagar, Gujarat (India)


Now coming to the horoscope.


As you can see, Narendra Modi is Libra Ascendant having Moon in Scorpio and born under the Anuradha Nakshatra. Let's discuss how these aspects establish his personality and which features he inherits.


Anuradha constellation is about success and fame that makes a person establish his name and be known by many. People born under this star possess a good logic about numbers and calculations while being intuitive as well. Traveling to foreign lands and getting success is also a part of this star sign. These people get chances to lead a group of organizations, and hence they are the born leaders.


The individuals of Anuradha Star have the capability to navigate through tough times and bloom like a charm, which Narendra Modi always did in his difficult childhood. Besides these positive traits, there are some negative traits too about these people. Anuradha born are prone to being secretive, falling prey to bad guidance, and are of rebellious and controlling nature.


The Placement of Planets in the Horoscope


PM's Ascendant Lord and 8th Lord Venus is placed in the 11th house in Leo Sign. This position falls in conjunction with Yogkaraka Saturn. This makes the residence of Venus in the enemy sign, and hence the Venus is not in a very good position.


This combination would make Mr. Modi an honest and straightforward person, whereas he would sometimes be arrogant. Such a person remains very aware of his actions, and he would prefer to be in the limelight.


The next placement forms with the 2nd and 7th Lord Mars, placed in the 2nd house in its sign Scorpio; this gets in conjunction with a weak Moon. This positioning makes Narendra Modi sharp-minded that he would be able to solve complex problems with ease. However, this also makes him a not so good person for marital matters.


Next is the position of Jupiter, which is not very strong but not weak too. The 3rd and 6th Lord Jupiter is placed in the 5th house in the Aquarius sign. Jupiter here is in retrograde position and aspecting Venus and Saturn; both are in the 11th house. This makes Jupiter aspecting the Ascendant also, which forms an enemy house for Jupiter.


These weak traits of Jupiter can be utilized positively if the individual channelizes the energy properly. As a result, it would provide Narendra Modi with tactful thinking, and to some extent, the position also opens the door to make him enter politics. Health-wise, the position makes the person experience inflammation in the lower legs area and weakened muscles too.


Saturn's position is not very strong, but the overall placement bestows the person with great control and discipline in life. This might serve the person with slow success, but as time goes by, the person would become more and more stable with a sense of responsibility.


Ascendant Lord Venus falls in conjunction with Saturn, which forms a very auspicious Yoga.


Success in politics demands strong 3rd and 6th houses so the person can triumph over his opponents. In our PM's chart, the 3rd and 6th Lord Jupiter is placed in beneficial houses, and even its placement in Aquarius isn't inheriting too many bad effects. YogKarak Saturn and benefic Venus with pretty good Jupiter, all three planets make him eligible and successful in his political career.

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