Myths About The Hotel Room Service At The Budget Hotel In Surat City Center

by Manish Kumar Marketing Head

Whether it is a 5-star hotel or any budget hotel, room service is one thing which is common in all the hotels throughout the country. Every hotel looks forward to taking special care of their guests. Thus, these hotels extend fine room services to all these guests making sure that all the guests are staying in comfort. The budget hotels in Surat City Center, too, extend a fine room service to all the guests staying in there.

But do you know there are many myths about how these room services of the budget rooms near City Center Surat operate themselves? Several notions of the people might create a doubt about the room services extended by the hotels and warn you not to avail them. However, these are just myths and they have been busted by us.

Here are the popular myths about the hotel room services at the budget hotel in Surat City Center that you must not believe:

  • Room service menu prices are higher than that in the hotel restaurant

It clearly depends upon the kind of hotel that you are staying in the first place. If you have accommodated yourself in the 3-star or 5-star hotel of Surat, you will come across the fact that the prices of the menu of the room service are actually higher than those provided in the restaurant. We all know that a high-end hotel usually charges a higher price for their services. However, if you have checked-in at a budget hotel in Surat City Center, you will find that the prices listed on the menu are not high but identical to that in the food menu of the restaurant. Thus, you can freely order as many meals as you want to inside your hotel room.

  • Room service provides stale food

This is absolutely rubbish. From the high-end 5-star hotels to the budget hotels in Surat, the job of every hotel is to take care of all the needs and demands of the guests. Why would any hotel provide stale food to their guests when called for room service? The guest can fall sick and this may worsen the situation for the hotel. Even the budget rooms near Surat City Center do not do this. The food provided to you by the room service is as fresh as that available in the restaurant. You can even inspect the food and involve yourself with food-tasting of both the plates to clear all your doubts.

  • A hotel employee who delivers the room service must be tipped

Alright, this is something that you must not believe in, even if you have read it in the reviews while making the bookings of the budget rooms near Surat City Center. Every hotel is different, however, what doesn’t alter is being vigilant in terms of examining the bill. This is often a three-tiered system of service add-ons that starts with an extra room service fee which cannot be negotiated by the guest. After this, there is a gratuity which may be automatically added which might be negotiated by the guest. Thus, when there are so many add-ons into your final bill, why tip the hotel employee and waste your hard-earned money?

  • Room service doesn’t take special order

This is a clear myth that you must not believe in. The budget hotel in Surat City Center may like you to order off the menu. However, the hotel kitchens surely accommodate you better than what you might have thought. If the thumb rule is to be believed, room service is usually offered at the better hotels, and similar to better restaurants, they will usually accommodate customers as best they can. However, this rule has become old-fashioned today. Even the budget hotels are offering remarkable room service to all their guests. 

  • Hotels restrict their food delivery service to encourage the use of room service

This is hard to believe, and hence it must not be believed. A number of hotels freely allow their concept of food delivery even from outside the hotel. In fact, in the budget hotels in Surat City Center, there are often restaurant delivery brochures provided in the rooms. These hotels do not have any problem with the concept of outside food delivery, even when they are allowing the room service to many guests. For security reasons, many big-city hotels usually do not want their corridors filled with food deliverers and this might be the reason why some hotels restrict their food delivery service. However, it has got nothing to do with the encouragement of room service for all the guests.

The myths have been busted now. It’s the time to make the most of the room service experience at the budget hotels in Surat City Center.

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