My 10 most important SEO METRICS TO MONITOR


My 10 most important SEO METRICS TO   MONITOR



     Being a digital marketer we always very eager to know what is

 the result of the work we have done or we are very much in a hurry that what could be the result of our work in which we have put lots of effort is the result oriented or not so we will have to measure the success of our work by several ways by examining very key SEO metrics.

        We are fortunate that these days we have so many tools taking help from these tools we can check our SEO metrics. There are a couple of tools are best for everyone what I think one is Google Analytics and another one is Google search console one of the best things about these tools are both are free and most of the metrics you need you can be gathered from these two very important free tools.

       Now we are going to discuss my 10 most metrics to track here we go

v Keyword ranked in Google:  If we talk about keyword tracking tool in mind one very important tool come that is ‘’Semrush’’ by using SEMRUSH we can determine the total number of keywords for our site ranks in Google. If you know that what keywords our site is ranking for there are lots of ways that can be used to inform our SEO strategy.


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Now note that which keywords you want to rank but make sure that those keywords may not rank yet these keywords we may want to focus on our SEO campaign.

v Capitalizing on our existing success will be a good idea suppose our site rank in the top 5 for some high converting keywords we must continue using those keywords in our content marketing campaign so that we can stay there top ranking keywords are will help you to get traffic which is very important to traffic in your site like you have a big and very costly car but unfortunately in that you do not have tyres. So always we will have to make sure that our landing pages should be associated with keywords which are relevant to keep our bounce rate very low.

v Index pages in Google search console : One of the important thing indexing it is fact that no one can find our web page if it has not indexed so far, so we always we will have to pay attention that the number of pages on our website have been indexed if it takes long time to get page indexed then we can submit them manually in the search console 


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        We must also take note that page indexed and page submitted so how many pages indexed and how many pages so far submitted if small % of our submitted pages is indexed then we can make manually requested via the search console.

v Number of pages crawled per day:  It is always important that to know that your pages are being crawled or not because without crawling it cannot be indexed, So Google search console will show us that how many pages getting crawled every day you will get data of last ninety (90) days, if you have hundreds of pages and only very small % of them are getting crawled it means there is a problem with our crawled budget. It is believed that Google will not crawl entire site if its bot consumes too many of our system resources in doing so.

v Descriptions and titles are Duplicating: sometimes there is question arise in our mind that. Why Google search console is so important in the search engine without that what could have happened. In answering this kind of question is some time is very tough if you do not have knowledge. So you can check so many things via Google search console i.e. Via Google search engine you can check that how many titles and description in our site is duplicate if our multiple pages have the same Meta description and title tags it will tell a search engine that all the pages are of the same topic.

v The local visibility: Local visibility always plays a very important role business so always keep tracking local visibility, suppose our business has more than physical locations local customer can visit directly it is always very important that tracking our local visibility. Suppose our site appearing in the local 3 pack which is local 7 packs before for the keywords related to our niche? If it is appearing when the user types our city or our town and also the name of our industry if yes it is ok and good if not then we must work on our local SEO (search engine optimization) for local visibility.

v CTR (Click Through Rate):   A search engine report is being offered by Google search console shows that the ave.% of people those who click on our links in the search result, that % is called CTR ( Click Through Rate) we must pay our attention as it tells us more than just how well our page rank in SERPs . It will also tell you that how much contents appeals to people. The content is in our search result people will click the link if not people will move to the other result. By examining CTR by the landing page will show us that our money makers from an SEO perspective those pages will be getting the most attention from the search result.               

              We must look at the pages those have lowest CTRs and we must optimize them. The another stat to check of our top search terms in Google search console, seeing that a term is getting us a lots of clicks we must determine that which pages are ranking for those keywords and will have to ensure that our page content reflects searcher intent and this may be a good idea to test conversion optimization elements on those pages too. If we observe a low CTR for a valuable search term must look at the pages optimized for term find out why?

v Crawling errors: Crawling errors is also provided by Google search console although the default reports show that site with errors we can use filter viewing errors by segments if we see any crawling errors must be addressed without wasting time. Should be done immediately.

v Bounce rate (organic):  Bounce rate is always very important it shows how much time a user was in our website bounce rate should be low as low it will be good for us, bounce rate tells us how many users bounced away from our website after viewing only one page. It will measure a % of visitors as I mention above lower number is always better. Suppose we have a high bounce rate it may mean that need to do some on-site work keep user around. Check bounce rate by landing page, it is also better idea to inspect the bounce rate by landing page. We can see by landing page how many users turned away and how many users were hanging around for how much time.  If we have high bounce rate in our landing page it could be indicating the content we have in our page that the page did not match the keyword the user plugged into the search engine it also means that the user quickly found what he needed and left it means we must be very careful.

v Conversion Rate (Organic):  you always remember that organic traffic is always very important. How do we get organic traffic?

Ans. Organic traffic will come when people will visit our website so it does not mean we have made the sale that is why we would also like to live the conversion rate further.   We always wish to check our aggregate conversion rate for organic traffic, by this way we will have an idea how well we are appealing to people those who arrive at our site from the search results. We wish to drill down into various segments to look factors are impacting conversion rates.

Through location:  Following organic conversions through geographic locations, we possibly find that our messaging appeals to folks in specific areas. If we do find our message resonates with one or more than one locations we should follow basic principles of the business ‘’one hundred one’’ and push more & more $s into those regions.

Using landing page:  We can measure conversion rate by landing page as conversions usually lost or won on the page itself. Suppose we find that page A has a much higher conversion rate than B then it means one does not have an effective marketing message.

v Organic traffic breakdown from Google and Bing:  As we know there are so many search engines in the world but Google is something everyone wants to get search result or want to trust much more on Google rather than other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu etc.  I think Google is the most popular and trusted search engine many users also use Bing and some other search engine also. It means we must examine our organic breakdown traffic must choose Google Bing also we might use But my first preference will be on Google. Suppose we are not able to pull expected traffic what we think we should have from search engine A & B then we must update our SEO (search engine optimization) strategy I think it would be a great idea. I think most of the people trust on Google.         

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