Motorcycle GPS Tracker: How to Choose the Best Tracker For Your Motor

by Concox Garin Marketing Manager

The demand for GPS trackers is rising because, with the crisis of recent years, there has been some rebound in crime and theft. Vehicles are often targeted by thieves for their great value and lack of surveillance unless you have a private garage.

Of all the motor vehicles, the “easiest” to steal are the motorcycles because, having no doors, they are much more exposed to vandal attacks and robbery attempts. That's why sales of GPS trackers for motorcycles have increased exponentially. Having a GPS tracker on your motorcycle can make a difference so that the police are able to recover it safe and sound.


The truth is that most GPS trackers can also be used for 2 or 4 wheel vehicles, including boats, but there are some exceptions.

However, the characteristic that can most differentiate a GPS for motorcycles from one for cars, is the size. It is desirable that a motorcycle GPS tracker be as small and discreet as possible since we must place it somewhere that can be hidden from the view of thieves.

Another important issue related to this is the type of installation. In the market, we can find  GPS trackers that are plugged into the vehicle and others that work autonomously with their own battery. This GPS has the advantage of not having autonomy problems when plugged in, but you will have to take it to install a workshop if you are not too "handyman" with these things. However, not all GPS that is connected to the vehicle is compatible with their installation on motorcycles, as there are specific ones for the car's on-board computer.

In case you decide on a GPS motorcycle tracker with battery, you should pay attention to the power of the motorcycle and the autonomy that it is able to provide, as well as recharge it periodically before it runs out then, without battery, The device will not send locations or be traceable.

The main function of a motorcycle GPS is to be able to geolocate the vehicle in real-time, at any time and from anywhere. For this it is important that the GPS is powerful, otherwise, it will not be able to connect to the satellite and it will be as if you were carrying nothing. But location information can be obtained, as a general rule, in 2 ways: by alerts sent by SMS or e-mail, or through an application or website. Many models include both options but, in any case, it is something that you should consider when deciding, as there are users who prefer one thing or another.

Then there are many extras that may be useful or not, depending on your circumstances and needs. They may involve an increase in price but it is worth it if it is a question of features that you are really going to take advantage of.


A GPS tracker must be purchased from a specialized, trusted store or GPS tracker reliable suppliers, as it involves a sufficient disbursement of money so as not to risk looking for the cheapest price.

Regardless of whether you do it in an online or physical store, it is important to check that the chosen device has everything you need, as well as the possible maintenance costs for the tracking service. This service normally goes apart from the purchase of the device and is provided by different companies that charge a monthly or annual fee for it.

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