Mobile Phone Usage Tips When Working In Your Office

by George Collins Owner
Mobile phones have made the life extremely easy for people by providing a continuous connection. Reaching out to your loved ones and important people becomes convenient. However, the advantages of mobile phones come along with the distractions, especially when you are working in your office.

The working environment in most organisations has strict rules regarding the usage of mobile phones. This is why you see associated prohibition signs that tell you not to use mobile phones in the certain areas of your office. But it is also a responsibility of an employee to understand the etiquettes of mobile phone usage while working.

Here, in this article, you will find some of the most valuable tips for the mobile phone usage in your office.

1. Put it on vibrate mode

With the ringtone of a sudden call on your phone, you distract yourself as well as your colleagues. Regular notification sounds of texts lead to irritation which makes it difficult for other people to work. Hence, it is always better to put your phone on vibrate mode. If you are waiting for an important call, keep your phone in your pocket. There is no point disturbing other co-workers for no reason.

2. Try to avoid phones during working hours

Even if there are no prohibition signs, it is not a good habit to keep on looking at your phone during working hours. It reduces your concentration and doesn’t let you focus on the work you have. A better move is always to keep the mobile phone inside a drawer. This way, you won’t feel the need to check the phone repeatedly. Whenever you get some time between your work, check your phone and attend to missed calls or messages.

3. Limit your calls to necessities

Even if you decide to make a call at work, it should be the important ones only. There is no point killing working hours in chatting with your friends. All the casual conversations can happen after work, so you should be responsible. Limit your calls to the professional ones and emergencies only. This is the right approach towards making the best of your working time in the office.

You should inform about your availability to your family, friends, professional and other contacts. This way, people can expect your call at a comfortable time that suits your working hour. Also, the number of calls will also reduce during your office hours.

4. Leverage voicemail technology

There is no need to take all the calls you are getting. The voicemail facility is provided in most of the modern mobile phones. Make sure you enable voicemail to have the messages and call later when you are free.

Using mobile phones in restroom and meetings harms your reputation. The matter becomes worse when there are prohibition signs placed but you still choose to ignore them. So, make sure that you avoid such situations and keep on working without any distractions.

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