Missing Your Pre-pregnancy Body? Get Back to Usual With Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery

by Andrew Grant Medical Consultant

Becoming a mother is one of the life’s most cherished moments for every woman, however, there's another side of this story that many of them find challenging to deal with: the way their body changes after giving birth.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding as well already impacts your body in many ways. The size and form of the breasts will be changed, the stomach will expand and contract a little (though it always does not contract all the way back to where it had been before you had kids). The hips, thighs, and buttock will also get larger during pregnancy. 

Diet and exercising will help you to lose the baby weight and get some tone back to many of your muscles, except for many women, no amount of changes to diet or exercise routines can return them to the body they had before having babies. Therefore how would they get back to usual?

Surgery is the finest answer to it. 

But how? Or what surgery? 

The answer is mommy makeover plastic surgery.

Why is getting back in shape after pregnancy important?

Due to some specific professions, some women need their confidence back in the game and thus they prefer to have plastic surgery after the delivery. And hence the expert team at Prague Medical Institute is caring about such women and has designed their surgeries according to the needs.

Prague Medical Institute is a plastic surgery clinic based in Prague, the Czech Republic and is providing various plastic surgeries including mommy makeover surgery. But what are the various surgeries they are offering in Prague? Let’s have a look.

The team at Prague Medical Institute recommends women to wait at least 3 months after stopping breastfeeding before having any kind of mommy makeover surgeries.

We tapped the best plastic surgeons for mommy makeovers at Prague Medical Institute to get the information about innovative treatments for revamping your stomach, breasts, and complexion. Having a baby after surgery may stretch out your results of the surgery. If you are planning to get pregnant even after the surgery, the experts at Prague Medical Institute say it won't be a smart investment of your money and time.

Here are some most useful mommy makeover surgeries.

The tummy tuck

Any woman after giving birth could be a perfect candidate for a mommy tummy tuck with a bit of liposuction. Once you are done with the tuck, the surgeon will cut out the floppy & loose skin and then stitch it back together. During the liposuction, surgeons will remove the wobbly fat in on your stomach which extends towards your hips.

“All your loose floppy stuff there — will be gone!” the expert surgeon at Prague Medical Institute says. “Think of it being tighter, smoother and in an improved shape from below the bottom of your rib cage right down to your c-section scar.” 


The boob job

As for the boobs, they suggest a breast lift. And as women are already rather gifted well in this department, there’s no need for them to get implants in order to have adequate volume. They can simply cut out some excess skin and a small quantity of drooping tissue, cut around the nipple and moves it up, then sews it around the non-saggy breast tissue, however above on the chest, taking away the droop. 

Prague Medical Institute offers a complete mommy makeover surgery solution

In a few cases, women choose plastic surgery after pregnancy for several different issues that they need to deal with. A cosmetic mommy makeover surgery might prove to be the answer for many, if not all, of the issues you need to be changed. Procedures like a boob job, and the tummy tuck, will be used collectively to focus on all of the problem areas, providing you with a body that you feel way more comfortable while allowing you to enjoy all aspects of motherhood without having to feel self-conscious about your own physical appearance.

If you are planning to become a mother or have given birth recently and feel you may have an interest in learning more about the cosmetic procedures that they provide so then don’t hesitate to get in touch with them today. Prague Medical Institute will arrange a consultation with you at their clinic at Watermans Business Park in the United Kingdom, where they will give you personalized expert advice and discuss the chances of the plastic surgery procedures that are available to you.

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