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Mingjie Magnets is one of the advanced magnet manufacturers in the industry today. Based on their expertise, the crew at Mingjie Magnets provides a wide range of magnetic products and tools. These magnets play a crucial role in the assembly lines and mechanic productions. Other than the top-quality assurance is always a promise. It is also the topmost priority to meet the client’s requirements and needs. The combinations of polymers and metals feature rare-earth minerals which result in a strong and dependable magnet. They manufacture a wide range of A-grade bonded and molded magnets.


Bonded Magnets are one of the most important magnetic materials in the machine world. It has opened the doors to endless possibilities of production and manufacturing in every industry. Ranging from basic plastic toys and containers to heavy-powered automotive body parts, these magnetic tools are useful everywhere. These products perform as primary motors and sensors in different machines including office appliances including printers and copiers. Even ceiling fans have the requirement of these magnetic tools. Even refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners, and mobile phones, require these bonded magnets. These gadgets may be small in size but, they impact the high operating machines to a great extent. The systems of technology are developing to incorporate minor adjustments in their manufacturing.


These bonded magnets are made using different materials and structures. Whether it’s the simplification in design and assembly or the precision of motor performances, there will always be a cost-efficient factor to these bonded magnets.  The Bonded NdFeb Magnets can be created through the injection mold. One of the advantages of NdFeB based magnets is that it can be formed in complex geometric structures, which allow a large coverage of possibilities in every sector. The key applications in bonded magnets include stepper motors, actuators, magnetic bearings, steering control motors, magnetic clutch and much more. Bonded NdFeB magnets can be magnetized into elaborate patterns with an increased number of poles. The bonded magnets can also be altered through the process of compression. By using this process the magnetic levels are comparatively higher. However, these compressed magnets are limited to simple or basic geometric shapes.


The elements used in the production of the bonded magnets are made from the best components. The bonded magnets are commonly made with a combination of NdFeB and Strontium Ferrite. These magnets can also be made using these elements individually. The changes in the sequence of substances are used to impact certain features. The magnetic properties, physical strength, and moisture absorption are a few of the affected features. The Bonded Neodymium Magnets are relatively weaker than Sintered Neodymium in terms of flexibility. The generous amount of flexibility allows the magnets to be molded into more intricate designs and shapes. The magnets can be adjusted to the sought form and volume to correctly provide the final product. Neodymium magnets are also lighter than Samarium Cobalt. They are also known to have a lower tolerable temperature or magnetic resistance (coercivity). Using these quality magnets will not only improve the quality of the final output but, will also increase the overall marketing potential. 

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