Mental Health Benefits of Consuming Red Wine moderately

by Evans Walsh seo consultant

Wine is primarily an alcoholic beverage, which is made through fermentation or ripe grapes. Mankind knew the process of wine-making for thousands of years now. Alcoholic drinks can certainly lead to addiction, and the stories always depict the adverse effects of consuming alcohol and losing sanity. So people are always confused and double-minded about consuming wine. On the other hand, consuming wine at moderate levels has some benefits also in terms of physical and mental health.

Some doctors and researches confirm the positive effects of moderate consumption of red wine, ideally a glass to maximum two a day. It is known to be good for skin and health as well as wine is rich in antioxidants which help enhance body metabolism. Wine also serves as the secret of some people's extended lifespan, and it also has proven benefits in fighting cancer cells. However, we need to reiterate on the point of moderation while consuming wine. Anything too much can create the most adverse impacts on our health.

Wine not only has physical benefits in terms of heart and skin health, but many studies have shown that it creates a positive impact in terms of mental health also in humans. In this article, we will try to discuss some of the mental health benefits of consuming wine in moderation.

Promoting better sleep

Grapes are naturally rich in melatonin, which his preserved while it is converted into the form of wine through fine fermentation. Melatonin is a hormone, which has a crucial role in our sleep. It is melatonin which signals to the brain that we are tired and need to take good rest. Human body releases melatonin at specific times during the day based on one's sleep habit and the level of tiredness. You may have noticed that sometimes you are able to stay awake no matter how much tired or sleepless you are. We refer to this as the sleep-wake cycle, which is the game of melatonin. Consuming wine will boost the melatonin impact and offers as a solid and revitalizing sleep.

Preventing depression

Drinking one to two glasses (5oz) or red wine, preferably at dinner time helps reduce the days' stress and depression. The wine has a soothing and relaxing characteristic, which will help you get relieved from the unnecessary thoughts and worries of day-to-day lives. On the other hand, if you tend to consume too much wine, then it may create the opposite impact and spoil your peace of mind. 

Preventing Alzheimer’s disease

As studies have shown, red wine has the antioxidant known as resveratrol, which can help repair the damaged brain barriers and boost proper blood circulation to the brain portions. With this, it can slow down the impact of Alzheimer's in people who are prone to sustain this condition. Resveratrol is known for contributing to longevity also. This antioxidant will protect the body by decreasing the risk of acquiring any diseases like cancer or heart-related problems.

Margaux wines

Margaux is a well-known wine growing commune at the village of Margaux. The premium blend of wine is named as Margaux. The wine contains 21 cru classé châteaux, which is more than any other commune in the Bordeaux.

The wines from Margaux could be labeled as Haut-Médoc. It may also be possible for this category of wines to be labeled using Médoc AOC the Regional Bordeaux AOCs. The top choices now available online in terms of premium Margaux wines are:


        2000 Margaux 6-Pack OWC Cost - $7,554

        1996 Margaux 12-Pack OWC Cost - $12,588

        1983 Margaux 12-Pack OWC Cost - $10,740

        2000 Margaux 12-Pack OWC Cost - $14,988

        1995 Margaux 12-Pack OWC Cost - $8,988

        2005 Margaux 750 ml Cost $899

        2000 Margaux 750 ml Cost $1,199

        1996 Margaux 750 ml Cost $999

        1986 Margaux 750 ml Cost $875

        2006 Margaux 3L Cost $2,370

        2003 Margaux 1.5L Cost $1,655

        2000 Margaux 1.5L Cost $2,585

        1998 Margaux 750 ml Cost $660

        1992 Margaux 750 ml Cost $620

        1978 Margaux 750 ml Cost $705

        1990 Margaux 750 ml Cost $1,999

        2001 Margaux 750 ml Cost $625

        1993 Margaux 750 ml Cost $615

        2007 Margaux 750 ml Cost $620

        1989 Margaux 750 ml Cost $689

        1985 Margaux 750 ml Cost $780

        1991 Margaux 750 ml Cost $620

        1983 Margaux 750 ml Cost $799

Margaux is a breathtaking variety of premium wine. The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes got a perfect maturity before harvesting and vinification of those resulted in an astonishingly concentrated and powerful Margaux. The color of it is dark ruby, and the aroma will exude ripe cassis fruit and vanillin oakiness.

Promoting brain health

It is also a proven fact that red wine can stimulate the brain cells to make it work harder. This will ultimately make the human brain more sensitive to information and faster in processing it. Studies have also shown that the perception of red wine is directly proportionate to the effect of it; however, ultimately brain is the one which creates the taste. We already know that wine is a stimulate, which can ease out stress and make use more thoughtful and creative.

Reducing stress

As mentioned in one of the above points, a glass of red wine may probably help reducing stress, especially while consumed during dinner time. Thanks to the effects of resveratrol, which aids in claiming down the thoughts and then fine-tuning the mental processes. With this soothing impact, you tend to feel less anxious about anything and without worries. Acting on the nervous system, a moderate amount of wine acts like a typical antidepressant.

To conclude, we can say that wine has many benefits in terms of brain health and to reduce the adverse impacts of daily-life stress and depressive moods. However, all the attributes to the major need for moderation, which is the key to live a content life. It is each individual’s knowledge and discretion to distinguish between how much is enough and when to seize. Too little or too much of everything can have a significant impact on our health. So moderation is the key, and it is only a thin line between the ‘good' and ‘bad' or wine consumption in terms of physical and mental health.


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