Know Whether Or Not The Hype About CBD Health Benefits Is Real

by Evans Walsh seo consultant

Over the past few years there has been a lot of hype regarding CBD or cannabidiol is noticed. People will say that it has a lot of health benefits and even doctors suggest using it by different patients. They will say it helps in dealing with anxiety and depression, pain and inflammation and even cancer. They will say a lot of diseases can be cured using the CBD hemp oil and few may even say that it will also give you a mood boost to deal with depression and therefore maintain your mental health as well.

With so many people talking about it, it is quite natural that you will tend to think whether all these hypes are real or not. Well, a little bit of knowledge will raise your confidence and you will be able to make the right decision whether or not you should use it. This article will enable you to use it without being emotional, anxious, and blue.

You can take CBD in different ways as it comes in different forms and each form will produce the same effect. If you take CBD oil you can use the dropper that comes with the pack and add a few drops or as instructed with your cup of tea or a smoothie as well. There are also a few more playful ways to take it such as the CBD gummies, chocolates, or hard candies. You can even smoke the CBD pods if you wish.

Not that long ago, people were unaware of these products and did not even know what the acronym “CBD” stood forlet alone knowing about its use and benefits. Here are a few facts to know about this useful product.

·         CBD, or cannabidiol, is a product of the cannabis plant and is the most commonly extracted from hemp.

·         It can also come from the marijuana plants. This where most people get confused and mix it with the known image and attributes of marijuana which is mostly used for recreational purpose by most people who wants to get the ‘high’ feeling.

·         However, the ‘high’ feeling provided by marijuana is due to the presence of THC in high level in it. Unlike marijuana, CBD contains traces of THC and therefore you will not get that high feeling when you smoke or eat it.

Today, the CBD world comprises of tinctures, ointments and vaping oils that you will find almost everywhere as it is legal to sell and use it. Even most celebrities use these and are strong believers of CBD. If you get a chance to frequent the right coffee shop, you may even get a shot of CBD in your latte.

The healthy aspects

CBD today is highly popular and its demand is ever rising because it is proved to produce several health benefits. People who have experienced the phenomenon of CBD products say that taking CBD on a regular basis and in controlled amount can provide relief from several health conditions such as:

·         Diabetes

·         Alcoholism

·         Schizophrenia

·         Knee pain

·         Back painand other conditions.

Therefore, taking the CBD tincture daily or smoking the vape pods after all the hype will surely have some positive impacts on your life and help you to deal with your anxiety and depression which are the primary cause of deteriorating health of several if not all people.

The hemp-derived CBD will contain only 0.3 percent THC or tetrahydrocannabinol or even less than that. That means you will not get high even if you drink the entire bottle as explained by several experts.

Science and figures supporting the claims

The growing hype claims and popularity of CBD is supported by science. However, few critics also say that the rise in interest in CBD products by the people is the result of high hopes and big bucks.

·         Till date, the Food and Drug Administration has approved Epidiolex as the only one drug containing CBD after it has been rigorously studied in clinical trials. This is used for formerly uncontrollable pediatric seizures.

·         However, the Hemp Business Journal estimates that the market of hemp CBD will rise in the future and will be an important alternative medicine to treat different health issues. Currently the market totaled $190 million and is expected to be higher this year.

·         The Brightfield Group also corroborated that by 2022 the sales of cannabis and CBD products are expected to reach $22 billion and this will be facilitated by the farm bill that was passed in December 2018.

This bill laid down several measuresand amended the term “marihuana.” It exempted hemp from the list of controlled substance as long as it contains no more than 0.3% of THC. This is the most significant thing that the CBD producers has been looking for a long time now to provide this crop that has huge potential to people.

CBD and health

Though CBD is said to produce a lot of health benefits, you must know and follow the dosage and instruction when you take it. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine committee has issued a comprehensive report on the evidence of the health benefits of cannabis and cannabinoids.

This report does not however include hemp-based CBD but covers only those CBD products that contained THC derived from marijuana which is also known as medical marijuana. However, the report acknowledged the potentialtherapeutic applications for hemp-based CBD in several vitro and animal studies.

A lot of these studies found that CBD is harmless and safe but that does not mean it is highly effective. Even if the studies showed more evidence on the effectiveness of CBD, there will still be concerns regarding what these CBD-based products actually contain.

However, there is no harm in taking CBD in controlled amount. Speaking of doses, the right amount will be the recommended serving size mentioned on the bottle though FDA does not allow CBD producers to make any marketing claims including recommended doses. The best thing to do is talk to your physician before you take it.


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