Men’s Swimwear and Boardshorts style guide in Australia

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Swimming is a popular sport. In earlier times, people were not so conscious about their attire during swimming. Now, there has been an increasing craze for swimwear. Men protested to go topless while swimming.  However, specially designed suits began to evolve to serve the purpose of swimming. Popular brands bring a wide range of swimming costumes for men. If you are going for a trip to a beach, carrying swimwear is a must. Beach lovers generally have an exclusive collection of swimwear in their wardrobe. 

Swimwear prevents contaminants from entering the body. It reduces friction and keeps you safe. 

Modern swimsuits can make you look appealing and also serve a functional purpose.

Various Types of Swimwear

Swimwear is categorized based on its length and looseness. Some popular types of swimming costumes are as follows:

  1. Boardshorts and Trunks

They are the most popular men’s swimwear in Australia. These swim garments are similar to the common shorts that men wear on land. However, they are made from lightweight and fast-drying materials.  They come with a lining on the inside, and it fits tight. They generally have a length up to the knee. Shorter versions of these shorts are known as trunks.

  1. Swim Briefs

Swim briefs are also popular swimwear for men.  These body-fitting swimming costumes have a V-shaped cut in the front. They keep the thighs bare and may have a lining on the inside. 

  1. Square-cut shorts 

They are also body-hugging style. The wearers get covered from the waist to the upper part of the thigh. Designers cut the openings of the leg straight across the thighs to impart a boxy look. They are less revealing as compared to V-shaped swim briefs.

  1. Jammers

Jammers are knee-length swimming dresses. They are skin-tight suits. Competitive swimmers and water sports participants prefer using jammers to prevent drag.  Jammers are similar to bike shorts but do not have padded crutches or seats.

  1. Racing Suits

Racing suits are also tight-fitting costumes that streamline the body.  They come in stylish designs and cuts. They are popularly known as “skins”.

  1. Wet and dry suits

Designers have designed drysuits and wetsuits such that they are insulated and can tolerate immersion for a long time.

Boardshorts and their various types 

Traditional boardshorts are generally up to knee length. Nowadays, the length of these shorts differs. They may be short, middle, or long.

Men decide which shorts to wear, based on the activity they want to perform. 

Short ones fit around the crotch region. They come till the middle of the thighs. Polo shirts and tees look great with these shorts.

Those shorts that come till above the knee impart a casual look. You can wear a tee or a linen shirt with this kind of shorts.

The swim shorts, that have a length till below the knee, are best for sports like skiing and surfing. They come with pockets and detailed designs.

They may be of solid colors. These shorts may also come in various designs and patterns.

Turtle boardshorts and Memphis boardshorts are two popular types of boardshorts.

Final Words

Go for Bistro St. Tropez to buy swimming costumes or beach wear that are made of materials of the best quality. Swimming costumes with cool prints and designs are the latest trend. Opt for eco-friendly swimwear. Various brands bring men’s unique swimwear at reasonable costs.  Choose swimming costumes made of quick-drying fabrics.

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