Meaning Of Whipped Cream And Process Of Whipping The Cream

by Rehan S. Branding
Whipped cream is made by beating heavy cream till it is airy and frothy. A beater, a whisk, or a spatula can be used to beat it. Whipped cream is frequently sweetened using confectioner's sugar and flavoured with vanilla extract. Creme chantilly or  Chantilly cream is whipped cream that has just been flavoured with vanilla. It's a rich, frothy dairy product that may be used to flavour a variety of meals and beverages, such as choco cakesicle, cake icing, wonderful spreads, and scones, or as a garnish for a hot chocolate shake and other sweetened drinks.

The texture of whipped cream, maybe better than anything else, distinguishes it. It produces delicate, light peaks that are greater than those found in other dairy products. This is because it is produced using heavy cream, which contains more butterfat. When heavy cream is whipped, the air is driven into the liquid, resulting in a solid mass of bubbles. The fat in the cream simply produces small air pockets all through the combination and stabilises them with its heaviness.


Whipping cream can be done in two ways:

Using a whisk

•    Transfer the cream into a cold mixing basin and whisk vigorously, pushing the cream backwards and forward along the bowl as needed. The cream would begin to froth into foamy bubbles and then thicken into a heavy liquid.

•    You'll know you're almost there once you could form traces of cream on the top that don't settle in right away. Continue beating till the cream forms floppable soft peaks.

•    Beat in desired flavourings after the cream begins to produce soft peaks, then continue beating till the cream becomes more firm and the peaks no longer flop over. At this moment, you must stop!

Using a hand blender

•    Place the cream into a cooled mixing bowl and whip it on moderate speed until it forms a tower of foam and bubbles that thickens. You'll know you're almost there once you could form trails of cream on the top that don't settle in right away.

•    Whip the cream till it produces peaks that fall over at the tops.

•    Stir in desired flavourings after the cream begins to form soft peaks, then continue stirring on a reduced speed till the cream becomes firmer and the peaks no longer flop over. At this moment, you should stop.

A quick reminder: If you desire an arm exercise, utilize a whisk instead of a hand mixer since whipping cream by hand requires a while, and if you're limited on time, we recommend utilizing the hand mixer!


While whipping cream is very simple to master, here are some pointers to assist you to get to the proper whipping cream phase.

There are no peaks – After a few mins, the cream would have thickened and smoothed out from its runny state with large bubbles. When you take the spatula out of the cream at this stage, it would still be excessively liquidy to keep its form.

Peaks with a gentle slope – The cream would keep its edges after pulling the whisk out, however, the topmost peaks would be fragile and would simply rely on itself after a moment or two.

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