Masonic regalia – Reminding the principles and values followed and promoted by Freemasons

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Freemasonry is one of the world’s largest, secretive and most respected and influential fraternal organizations. It has a centuries old rich history with many rituals, customs, logos and regalia. Due to a tough selection process, every member of this organization is given high regard and respect all across the globe. With a huge membership, it stands tall with some highly influential people of the society. This organization has many independent bodies and orders under it with some interrelated and some totally separate.

Masonic regalia are the garments and accessories that give Freemasons the unique identity in ceremonial meetings and gatherings. Some of these are worn since the first meetings of Freemasons and are considered as a symbol of pride for people of this prestigious organization.


Types of Masonic regalia:


There are two types of Masonic regalia:


·         Personally-owned


It includes Masonic Lodge jewelry, officer’s apron, candidates clothing, tiller’s sword, Masonic Hoodwink, the Holy book of Scriptures, and Master’s Gavel.


·         Lodge-owned


It includes aprons, rings, gloves, breast jewels, hats, shirts etc.


Let’s have a look at the different Masonic Regalia and their significance.




Masonic aprons are the representation of pure heart and indicate purification of the life. Aprons are presented to Freemasons for wearing to a Lodge.




Masonic gloves are a symbol of clean hands and pure heart. The custom of wearing these gloves is of great antiquity and is really inseparable. 




Masonic badges represent truth and knowledge. They signify purity and something that is invisible. They remind us that the thoughts of the humans are always observed by God, the Creator of the Universe.




Masonic jewels are worn by the Freemasons to symbolize the feelings of universal brotherhood. New members can see the other members of Freemasonry wearing jewels like pins, cufflinks, rings, pocket watch etc.




Masonic cufflinks are worn by Freemasons on several occasions, meetings at Grand Lodge etc. Master Mason wear them on every official gathering like officer installation ceremonies, open meetings, cornerstone laying ceremonies, funeral services, Grand Lodge annual communication meetings etc.



Masonic rings remind the wearer of their commitment towards the Masonic fraternity and brotherhood. Also, of the principles and values that is followed and promoted by Freemasons. Masonic rings are similar to most of the other rings that you might see people wearing on their fingers. And this is especially true when it comes to the shape as in most of the cases; Masonic rings also have a simple round shape. It makes them indistinguishable from other rings apart from the Masonic imagery or shapes which are often present on the Masonic rings. The primary markers that separates Masonic rings from other common rings is that they often have various kinds of shapes and mottos engraved on them.

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