Marketing with Moving Pictures

by Jeremy Banks Evolutesix
Since gaining traction in the early 20th century, the video has greatly influenced the history of humanity and communication. By no longer relying solely on written accounts and still images, humans were able to record important events in real-time. Businesses got a hold of this brand-new medium to advertise their goods and services.

Today, the video has become a part of daily life. Film, Television, Internet videos and more become efficient vectors to convey thoughts and ideas. For savvy business owners, it is a method of advertising their product or service to a captive audience. Up-and-coming business owners should understand the benefits of video marketing

Here’s a few tips on how to make your planned video marketing campaigns effective.

An Engaging Experience

Videos nowadays catch people’s attention more easily than text or images, but can you actually capitalize on this? Your videos must be engaging and should not require too much work for viewers to understand.  

Making a video full of text might have worked in the silent film era, but in an age of splashy ads and quirky internet gimmicks, a marketing video has to maintain a punch that keeps people interested. 

Suppose you’re promoting a Filipino food delivery service. Images of food are already stimulating, especially for a hungry audience. How can you build upon this, now that you have videos as a medium?

Use filmmaking techniques

You’re might be selling a product, but you’re also presenting an audiovisual experience. A video marketing campaign can be more successful if you apply the tricks and stylistic choices of cinema to add more creativity to your work. Write a story, make use of camera angles, utilize music or animation. 

Don’t just present the tasty desserts as they are -- create an engaging visual narrative.

Using a platform

Lastly, you should find a good place to put your video up for viewing. Posting on social media is a great way to get those sweet views, and if your content intrigues enough netizens your videos can be your product’s gateway to popularity. 

However, social media isn’t the only place that you can put your videos in. Videos can also be used to make long concepts easy to digest. For example, to promote your Filipino desserts, you can make a short film on the history of Philippine rice meals. Why not add a few such intro videos to your personal website to give it a bit of pizazz? You might want to hire an affordable web design company to manage your promotional videos, on-site and off. 

If you want input on your video and website ideas, or need experts to kickstart your video marketing campaign, contact us! 

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