Marketing Vs Public Relations - 5 Differences You Should Know!

by The Yellow Coin PR Agency in Delhi

While many newbies and experts in the business world use the two terms interchangeably, there is a vast difference between marketing and public relations. Today's social media platforms' dynamic trends have blurred the lines a little, but there are different services provided by a PR Company in Delhi and a Marketing firm. Here, we'll help you learn the primary distinction between the two concepts.

1.       Definition

Marketing is defined as a company's efforts to promote a brand, product or service to increase sales and profits. It is often referred to as the more giant umbrella under which PR plays a part. Public Relations or PR talks about the actions taken to ensure a favourable public image of an organisation. It is responsible for handling the reputation and communication lines of the company.

2.       Goals and functions

Marketing works to support the sales team, so all marketing strategies aim to boost tangible sales success. This might be done with the use of paid media such as social media posts, TV ads, creating an advertising campaign or conducting market research. On the other hand, it is the PR team's goal to ensure that the public maintains a good attitude towards the company, its ads and products. PR is also responsible for handling negative influences through good communication and crisis management skills. This would involve earned media by making press releases to introduce new initiatives, organising press events, engaging in opportunities to speak to the press, creating a buzz, maintaining open communication and feedback channels with customers, stakeholders, media outlets, and public members.

3.       Target Audiences

While a brand or product has the same target audience, marketing and PR firms do not. Marketing activities are targeted at the same audience as the company's current and prospective customers. The latter is the main target here because marketing campaigns and ads will only be able to result in more sales if new customers buy into the marketed goods or services. PR is targeted towards a broader audience, including customers, the general public, media, employees, and shareholders. They have to cultivate and maintain a solid foundation of a positive relationship with anyone showing an interest in the brand as well as the general public at large.

4.       Longevity of action

Marketing activities involve small short-term steps to affect immediate sales and profits. These billboard ads, TV commercials, etc., do not remain active for long periods, lest customers feel bombarded with the brand's promotional efforts. At the same time, PR is a long-term journey of a brand to maintain an excellent public image and improve credibility throughout a company's active years.

5.       Measuring success

Both Marketing and PR are huge investments undertaken by a company or celebrity to survive and stay relevant in this fast-paced world. However, there is a difference in how both these investments payback. Marketing’s Return of Investment (ROI) is immediately visible in the sales numbers. With proper market research, marketing campaigns set particular sales goals to be achieved. At the end of the campaign, the resulting revenue generated can be measured up against these predetermined goals to understand how successful the marketing strategy was. This can further open discussions about what was done right or what went wrong so that brands can develop more accurate strategies in the future. PR, on the contrary, is a long term investment that honestly does not have any tangible measurements for its effects, but its influence can be visible in all aspects of an organisation. As it deals more with feelings and attitudes rather than numbers, success is felt and observed as opposed to the direct effect of marketing on sales numbers.


Therefore, Marketing and PR Firms in Delhi undeniably differ in what they do for a company and what they achieve. However, they both exist together, like the roots and branches of the same tree. Marketing cannot be done without the help of reasonable PR efforts, and PR cannot be successful without a dash of marketing first. It is crucial for companies to make use of both for their success. 

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