Public Relations Vs Marketing Vs Advertising

by Puja Seo Digital marketing

What are Public Relations & Marketing? How do they differ? Do people need both? Do they work well together?!

The big thing to differentiate is that Public Relations are also known as PR, it creates brand awareness amongst the target audience. Public Relations consultants work to assess the brand or a person where it should consist of the brand and make it known to the public that is the utmost objective of a publicist.

There are different tools used to create awareness for the public.

They are as follows-

1) Social Media

2) Blogs

3) Podcast

4) Emails

And all of these costs to know like and trust factor.

Marketing & Pr are not the same things. They are more & more similar every day, Perhaps there are still some distinctions between the two.

When we talk about marketing, Marketing is the art of selling something to someone, it is about the action or business of promoting and selling products & services.

Well, then why can't PR & Marketing can be called one?

 Let us see the variations amidst PR & Marketing and they are as follows-

1) Strategy-

Marketing is a combination of many different tactics & techniques its about marketing plan, digital marketing, direct marketing, email marketing etc whereas PR is focused on reputation management, It generates a positive image & a positive communication amongst the target audience,

2) Target Audience- Marketing & PR strategies target different audiences. Marketing targets is the customers who work hard to meet the needs of the customer, The PR audiences comprise a spectrum of the community such as employees, media, suppliers etc, thoroughly subsidize the association.

3) Goals- Marketing & PR have two separate goals.

The purpose of the marketing committee is to reach out to the consumers, convince them and sell the products & services,

The goal of PR is selling the company or brand, communicating positively and managing between the company & its stakeholders.

4) Longevity- Marketing is to be known as a result of a quick-term method whereas PR is a long term process. Marketing seeks to drive instant and tangible success and PR is to be known as a long term investment

5) Primary Focus-

Marketing- Conducting advertising and other marketing initiatives that will result in sales.

PR- Managing messaging and communication channels to maintain positive brand awareness and building relationships

Since we know now what the differences between Marketing & PR are, now let us take a look to know more about the variations between PR & Advertising.

How do they work?

Perhaps we have an idea about what PR is let's get some idea about advertising?

Well, advertising is a technique of drawing public attention to products pr services, mainly through paid media.

But advertising and PR helps build brands & communicate with the target audiences.

Here are a few difference between Advertising & PR-

1) Communication- In advertising, you are selling your product rather than listening to your customers it is a one-way communication form.

PR is a two-way communication form as the feedback of the consumer's matter to build trust.

2) AIM- Advertising aims to make people aware of their services so they can get paid.

PR aims to build a better image amongst your target audience.

3) Goals- Here's another thing they all bestow to the major goal and that is sales of a product & services. However, the key differences are,

The goal of advertising- To inform, persuade or remind customers about your brand or product.

The goal of PR- To construct, conserve, and cushion the organisation's reputation and present a favourable image.

4) In advertising, people know that a company is trying to sell their product. In PR, your services get recommended to people by word of mouth.

5) Advertisements can keep on going until your budget allows. However, PR only works once.


There is no major explanation of differences between PR, Marketing & Advertising. Everything is unique in its own way.

Every method possesses its bunch of sub-services that can boost in developing perception, renovating possibilities to consumers, and showcasing what’s tremendous about you.

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