Making Your Logo - How to Tell Your Story

by Mohit J. White Hat Link Building Services

A logo to a business is like a great storybook, it sits in your memory and reminds you constantly of the brand behind it.

3D logos pop out at you, making them an even better platform to tell your story from.

3D logo designs follow all the same rules of a 2D logo, but add depth, contrast, and pizzazz.


What colors mean for your logo


Color is the way our minds process feelings and thoughts.

The colors you use in your logo can also be used in the rest of your brand’s design — from your website to your merchandise.

Your color palette is the way most people will, often unknowingly, base an opinion and get the impression of your brand.

Certain colors evoke feelings and thoughts when used in a logo.

Some of the main colors that affect our emotions and thoughts are:

        Gray — evokes thoughts and feelings of timelessness, practicality, seriousness, mystery, and efficiency. Companies like Apple and Wikipedia use it as their main or only color.

        Yellow — brings out feelings of friendliness, cheerfulness, youth, energy, positivity, happiness, and playfulness. Think Yellow Pages and National Geographic.

        Green — is a tranquil color that makes one think of nature, harmony, fertility, wealth, balance, security, and fresh starts. Companies like Spotify and Starbucks use it.

        Blue — is a calming color used by companies like PayPal and Dell. It brings feelings of spiritual awareness, wisdom, loyalty, sophistication, and respectability.

Adding font

The font you use also sends a message. Font can set tone and evoke feelings.

The font you use can show personality and tell the story of your brand. 

Fonts like Serif show sophistication and bring a more formal tone to your logo.

For a more elegant, creative, and stylish yet sophisticated look, Script is good to use.

If you want to be more candid, trendy, and bold, you can use the Geometric font.

Look at all your options and the psychology of the fonts to determine the best to use for your logo to tell your story.



When you use images, shapes and emblems in your logo, you have the option to directly tell about your brand.

You can use a simple image or symbol like Twitter — a bird — to represent their Tweets. Or a more complex emblem like Harley-Davidson does to convey their toughness and stability.

An image can add depth and make your monogram or font stand out, or it can be the sole part of your icon.

Your logo can tell people your name without words, like the image used by Apple — a tech company that uses an apple with a bite taken out to invite you to “eat it” or engage with them.

Telling your story

Mixing images, shapes, emblems, color and font can help you tell your story, like NBC does with the peacock feathers. Each feather in their logo represents a different division in their network.

 Adding things like your establishment date and place can show the audience your history.

Keep in mind, no matter what you choose to design for a logo, it will often be reshaped and used in several platforms — ensure it can retain its message clearly no matter the size or space.

To make any design 3D, you simply play with the shading, contrasting, gradients, and highlights behind and around your logo. You can also set your logo to be animated, like Pixar’s lamp or the MGM lion.

When creating your logo, think about what your brand’s story is and what you want to convey in the mind of your audience.

Be creative, yet deliberate in your design.

Use 3D logo designs to make your logo stand out more.

3D logos should be simple, unique, and bold emblems of your brand. 

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