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In the initial days of Bitcoin and Ethereum, trading cryptocurrencies was easier than ever. The crypto coin which you were choosing on any exchange would grow within a couple of days or months. But you know, today, this concept is completely different!



The crypto trading market has undergone too many changes in terms of boon as well as recession. Bitcoin has already reached to its highest levels, and sunk to the bottom too. Exchanges have also listed numerous coins adding further complexity to crypto trading. The crypto trading market is highly volatile and as a result, crypto traders are looking for new ways and methods to automate the trading process. Crypto trading signals, trading bots, and copy trading are some of the popular methods to automate trading that enable traders to adopt long-term strategies.


If you are a seasoned trader and looking for new ways to trade crypto assets, but do not have time for technical analysis, using crypto signals is the best option. Let’s understand about this in deep:


Crypto trading signals

Crypto signals are the kind of recommendations to buy or sell crypto assets at a certain price which include some parameters like take profit and stop-loss targets etc. These signals can boost trading success as well as accuracy. Today, crypto signals have become the need for an hour among traders, with the growth of crypto trading world. A crypto signal contains the following information:


  • Cryptocurrency to buy- The trading signal will specify which crypto asset you should buy
  • Buy price- This will define the price at which you should buy the crypto asset at
  • Sell target- Price that you should sell the asset at so as to earn profits
  • Stop loss- This will automatically exit your position to mitigate losses

Let’s understand about these signals with an example:


One of the latest Ethereum signals is displayed in the format below:


ETH – Sell – Entry Price ($20,500) – Stop Loss ($21,500) – Take Profit ($19,000)

· The crypto asset to trade (ETH)

· The action for the trade (Buy or Sell)

· The entry price of the asset (20,500)

· The stop loss target ($21,500)

· The take profit target ($19,000)

All the required information for the trade is included in the above Ethereum signal where the asset to be traded is ETH, the action is sell, the entry price is $20,500, the stop loss price is $21,500 and the take profit price is $19,000 with a risk/reward ratio of 1:1.5. 


Actually, this is a short-term signal which is closed within a day, since the targets are considerably small for Ethereum. Besides these types of signals, there are also buy-only crypto signals and sell crypto signals. Buy-only signals are issued during market uptrends, when the signal service predicts that the price action will be bullish in the future and gives a buy recommendation, although the trader has to decide himself if and when he wants to close the trade. Sell signals are the opposite of the above, with analysts predicting a retreat in the crypto price; therefore they give recommendations to sell an asset which has an open take profit and stop loss. 


How are crypto signals generated?

The crypto trading signals are generated in two ways, i.e. automated and manual. Generally, automated signals are issued by trading software by the experts. They take help of several special indicators so as to analyze the past data on the price movement of the crypto pairs. On the other side, manual trading signals are issued through reviews given by expert traders who manage market studies. They also use special indicators on the charts to recognize entry and exit levels. Manual signals are different from automated signals as they support larger trades with the take profit targets. 


Why are crypto signals important for crypto traders?

The most significant advantage of trading signals is the valuable trading data. These signals can help traders to manage their assets effectively. Some of the key benefits of using trading signals are:

  • These signals will help traders to understand the concept like stop loss
  • These signals provide in-depth information than you may find over the web
  • Signals are generated through telegram groups where up-to-date information is available. 


For those who are new to the crypto trading world, getting signals from TrailingCrypto is the most viable option. With the help of trading signals, the novice traders can avoid some issues like technical analysis. It is worth investing in crypto signals as they provide a level of convenience and flexibility to the traders to trade. These signals are very easy to understand and help traders to earn profits in lesser time. 


How can I receive trading signals?

Generally, crypto signal trading communities are hosted on telegram which is an encrypted messaging app. Telegram offers a unique set of features which are not available to any other mobile app. One such feature is automated trading bots. These bots are beneficial for signal receivers as they provide the ability to execute a trade automatically based on the signals. With the right bot pre-programming, traders can execute trades seamlessly with minimal inputs.


If you do not have telegram, the second most popular platform to receive trading signals is via email. But this method has some drawbacks as it is tough to receive signal instantly if you are not updating your message box instantly.

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