How to Earn Better Profits from Crypto Trading Signals?

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Trading cryptocurrencies is both overwhelming as well as confusing for novice crypto traders. Isn’t it? The expert traders know it very well how important it is to use the right tools. In the highly volatile crypto trading industry, the price of assets changes so fast that using a normal trading method may cost you both time as well as money. And, that’s why it’s important for a trader to choose the right trading platform as well as tools with some extra features.

For novice traders, choosing the right trading platform and trading signals provide a guided path to the trading world. The expert traders share their trading experience and knowledge in the form of signals to the novice traders to help them make smarter trading decisions.

Now the question is, how do these crypto signals work? Let’s find out its answer:

Let’s assume that the price for any crypto asset say ABC increases more and more, and a commercial crypto signal provider/expert trader explains how to take advantage of this price increase to earn money.

The best crypto trading platforms like TrailingCrypto offer the best crypto trading signals to the traders which could open the door to significant returns and boost your trading approach. The best crypto trading signals help traders to learn how to stop losses, and set their investment goals, along with some appropriate points for entering or exiting the trade to maximize their earnings.

Crypto trading signals

The crypto trading signals are actually the instructions on trading based on any specific configuration or price movements. The professional or expert crypto traders on top exchanges typically send out these trading signals whenever they identify a potentially profitable trade setup. The best and most professional crypto signal service providers are now issuing these signals via telegram channels. Receiving signals via telegram groups has become increasingly popular these days.

When you join a crypto signal group, you will receive signals in the following ways:

·         Information on a specific crypto

·         Time to buy/sell

·         The point to set stop-loss in case the trade doesn’t go well

The crypto trading signal service is provided by a group of traders and expert analysts at the best crypto trading platforms who make recommendations for the traders on buying, selling, and trading to maximize their profits. The best signals providers use technical analysis, upcoming events, risk management techniques, market conditions, etc. to give instructions to the traders. And, keeping all these factors in mind will allow traders to make the right moves leading to substantial returns.

Let’s understand with an example how expert channels provide signals to the traders:

Let's say, there is a paid signals group providing signals. In this case, the signaler is pointing to a BTC long, meaning he thinks the price for Bitcoin will go up. He offers a targeted buy price range between $56,300 - $56,700 to the traders, as well as differently targeted sell levels to lock in profits. Finally, he offers a stop loss at the price of $52,990 if his intuition doesn’t go well.

Every crypto trading signal offered by the expert trader or signals provider is different and is based on different research methods.

How to execute crypto trading signals?

The crypto trading signals can be executed in two ways:

1.    Manually

2.    Automatically

In manual execution, the traders will receive signals in the telegram groups and based on the given instructions, they will place trades. On the other side, in automatic execution, the signal provider’s software is linked to the crypto trading platform of the trading account of the trader. The automatic software will generate the signals which will be executed in the market simultaneously. Automated trading ensures that the trader will never miss out on any kind of quality trading opportunity which surfaces at any given time in the market.

How safe are Crypto Trading Signals for the traders?

The trading signals offered by the expert signal providers include stop-loss and sell-targets to reduce the risk of losing too much money. For a beginner who doesn’t really have much knowledge about the market trends or the actual worth or strength of a cryptocurrency, following these signals is a smart strategy to reduce the trading risk. 

One of the major concerns of using crypto trading signals effectively is finding good signal providers. Another problem may arise when too many traders follow the same signals from a signal provider in a telegram group. At that time, it becomes much harder to make good profits since they will become smaller as many people are trading the same signals.

How to choose the best crypto trading signals?

So, you have decided to choose the crypto trading signals as your trading strategy. Now the question is, how can you choose the best crypto signal group?

If you look up for the best crypto trading signals on a preferred search engine, you’ll surely come across thousands of results. And, there are chances that many of them are not reliable.But when it comes to choosing the best ways to invest your money, you shouldn't just go to random sites rather you should widen your research. When exploring the best crypto trading signal group to join, keep these crucial factors in mind.

1.    Trading Strategies

Seasonal crypto traders understand the value of technical analysis and smart investing. So it is always better to look for crypto trading groups that seem to rely on solid numbers rather than gut instincts to validate the market efficiency of any crypto coin.

2.    Popularity

Prior to joining any signal provider group and especially before paying to be a member of any group, make sure to do your homework. 

If you are joining a group that doesn’t have any known members or you've never heard of before, make sure you research about it very well. Find out who is the admin of the group, how long they've been trading cryptocurrency, what is their success rate, talk to other members of group,etc. Other things to consider are: what is the total number of people in your group? Do they offer a paid service or a free service?

So make sure you've done your homework on any groups you're considering joining before committing to one as you are investing your hard-earned money in it.

3.    Trade Time-Frames

If you have a certain crypto trading style, make sure to analyze if there is a group that is more suited to your trading style. This might even be a surprise for you that there are many groups following a specific trading style.

4.    Paid service or free

If you are joining a free community, there are chances that you're not really engaging with a cryptocurrency trading specialist. Just take any trading advice given in these communities but before applying it to your trades, conduct your own research, as you may be taking a higher risk.

Dealing with a premium crypto trading signal service provider like TrailingCrypto is usually the best choice. These service providers are typically professionals in the industry with years of extensive expertise in the crypto trading business. They will give you sound advice on how you should think about investing in crypto.

5.    Winning Rate

Look more closely at the signal group's performance to see their winning rate. Make sure to check how often they provide winning trade signals against how often they lose. And most importantly, check out if this data is even accessible to you.

If you can recognize a group that has more successful indicators than losing indications, and the one that appears to make reasonable evaluations based on the data given, you've chosen the right option. And, it’s better to go with them.Stay away from those signal providers that promise to deliver 100% winning rates. Nobody has ever predicted something so accurately over time, and if they claim so, it means they are fake.

The best crypto trading platforms like TrailingCrypto keep track of the top telegram channels which provide tips and trade signals to the traders. And, as soon as the trade signal appears on the channel, it immediately triggers the telegram signal orders related to that.

How signals are received by traders?

Generally, crypto signal trading communities are hosted on telegram channels. It has become one of the most popular platforms offering a unique set of features with added security and encryption advantages. Automated trading bots are an added advantage of this. These bots are popular among receivers as they execute trades automatically.

Another popular way to receive crypto trading signals is via email. This method is popular among those traders who do not use telegram channels. But this method has some drawbacks as you have to update your message box continuously to receive new messages.

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