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by Cindy A. Always Looking To Learn New Things

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Work from home jobs has become a new trend for many reasons. A few of these reasons, according to
the stories and news that we have discovered are 1) the need to be one's own boss 2) the tediousness of finding an office job in today's economy even with the relevant skill sets; 3) Flexibility: it affords one the opportunity of making money while taking care of personal matters; 4) Need to earn extra income on the side; 5) Some would say it pays more with less stress.  So, whatever your reason(s) may be, the first step is to find the right work from home job.

Legitimate work from home jobs abound everywhere, but it is a bit difficult finding the right and genuine work from home job(s).  Hopefully, this post helps with the problem by providing a list of jobs that can be done from home with examples of companies that create the enabling environment.

1. Teaching jobs:
Learning is a continuous process beginning from childhood to old age and even till death. Over the ages, especially with the advent of the internet, and the proliferation of cheaper means of accessing the internet,  the process of educating is transitioning from the conventional classroom to online education.

Online education offers a lot of conveniences in cost, flexibility, and time, and as such is being favored over the traditional method of physically attending classes. So it would definitely make a lot of sense for various online tutor companies to want to cash in on this burgeoning sector.  And to stand out from the pack, these companies try to recruit some of the best tutors to work with, and this requires one to have the right experience in the field that one intends to teach.

Some of the legitimate online tutoring companies are Udemy, Coursera, CheggTutors, Skillshare, Tutor, Tutorvista and Smartthinking to list these few.

2. Sign up as a driver
One could sign-up to be an Uber or Lyft Driver. These companies, in addition to providing a steady source of income, also give sign-up bonuses to new and referring drivers. This bonus could range from $100 to $1000 depending on variables like the city or period of sign up.  Be sure to read the terms of these bonuses.

But like anything that has advantages also has some degree of disadvantages. And in this case, there is the cost of vehicle maintenance and customer complains to deal with.

3. Start a YouTube channel:
YouTube is the second most searchable website in the world according to recent studies. And because of this, one could make some money by starting a youtube channel to drive traffic to one's advertisements/ business.  This online business pays based on the number of views that one's channel gets. So be sure to post captivating videos that would drive traffic your channel.

There are many categories, based on one's interest, for creating a video: It could be a prank video, how-to videos, beauty channels, and cooking video channel to mention these few.

The cool part of starting a YouTube channel is that it cost nothing. And the upside can be huge--one could make a lot of money. YouTubers have been known to earn millions of dollars. You could be next.

4. Blogging / Affiliate marketing website:
Blogging is another great online business to start especially if you are a great and creative writer. One can make some money by blogging while using Google Adsense or perhaps with an affiliate market or a storefront. Many successful examples of online blogging business using Google Adsense exist, as is the case of the website, Viranova.

Affiliate marketers also make good money. It is a process of promoting other companies' goods and services by posting advertisements for a particular company on one's blogging website or social media website.

To get started, one could simply join the affiliate network and choose the products that are similar to one's blog’s niche to promote via their blog posts.

And the great part is that starting up could be cheap or cost-free as there many free or paid hosting website. Once a host platform has been decided on, customize it as you deem fit, and then begin posting unique and creative content on any topic that could attract people. That is the commonly searchable topics that could increase traffic to one's website.  It is important to post, regularly, topics with captivating headlines.

A couple of free online websites that could help host your blogs are, Wix, and

Here are a couple of affiliates that one could join:

A web hosting affiliate company: SiteGround, Inmotion, Fatcow, Bluehost.

SEO affiliate: SEO PowerSuite, RankPay, SEOBook, SEMRush,

E-commerce affiliate marketing: Oberlo, Shopify, TemplateMonster, XSellco, and Olavivo

Freelance Affiliate Commissions: SEOClerks, Envato Studio, Fiverr,

5. Freelancing:
Freelancing is another great online business. Freelancers provide services to clients based on a freelancer's talent and interest.

Some of these interest could be writing, graphics and design, Data entry, image editing, proofreading and editing, guest posting, search engine optimization (SEO), animation, search engine marketing(SEM), content and video marketing, email marketing, E-commerce marketing, web analysis, and transcription services to mention these few. One could get paid between $5 to as much as $500 depending on the job category

A couple of genuine sites that affords one the opportunity to sign up for a freelancing job are Fiverr, Upwork, Elance, Moonlighting, and Freelancers. The list does not end there as there are many others

6. Online micro jobs:
Micro jobs are very simple tasks that can be performed easily within a very short time.

Some of these tasks, for example, could range from sharing a page, reviewing a product, searching for something on Google, writing a short article, taking a survey, and watching an advertisement.

One could earn 0.5$ to 1$ per task. But do not let the cost discourage you as these tasks are quick to finish with accumulated benefits.

A couple of genuine websites, for this online job, come to mind: Amazon Turk and micro workers. Some survey websites like Appen, MOBROG, And Swagbucks are also recommended.

7. Re-selling products online jobs:
Anyone can earn some money via this online business by buying and re-selling products on some websites like Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist. One would, however, need some working capital to start this business.

This online business works best if one is able to sell some old products by creating a better description and detail of the product(s) before reselling them.

8. Virtual assistant jobs:
This job entails someone assisting from home with administrative tasks of organizing files, data entry, answering phone calls, and managing files to mention these few.  The job, like some work from home jobs, can save one a lot of money and the stress of commuting from one's home to work every day of the work week.

A few companies that hire virtual assistants are: Worldwide 101; Assistant Match; Time Etc.; Fancy Hands;  Zirtual; Office 88; and eaHelp

One can also sign up via a freelancing website to be recruited by someone looking for a virtual assistant.

9. Social media managers and moderators:
One could manage social media pages on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels for others. This job comprises managing the visitor's comments and feedback and posting interesting contents to attract more visitors.

You can also find people looking for managers on freelancer websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancers.

10. Selling/buying domain:
One could also buy a domain at a cheap price and then sell the domain at a higher price. However, doing this job is easier said than done as one needs a lot of experience, patience, and working capital before venturing into this sector.

11. Paid to click advertisements or websites:
One could also make some money by watching videos, reading or simply clicking on a website or an advertisement.

A few legitimate websites that offer this service are Clixsense, Neobux,  BTC, and FaucetHUB to list these few

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