Pre-Disaster Emergency Kit supplies – Everything You Need to Know before Hand

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During natural or man-made disasters, and emergency supplies kit is your first rescue kit. The kits are generally easy to maintain at your home or within your community. These supplies should include everything ranging from food supplies to water treatment kits and medicines.


  • Your long term emergency food supply should always be maintained handy at your home.
  • The kit should be prepared to help reduce the impact of any disaster for the long term.
  • Regularly, the kit can be updated with new supplies.


You need access to these kits in advance even before natural disaster strikes so danger can be avoided completely.


Why do you need to maintain these kits?


You have to keep in mind that disasters are unpredictable. They can occur at any time. Immediate evacuation may be needed for you and your family. You may also face mass scale evacuation process on account of a serious disaster.


This is where you will find that these kits are helpful. Having access to long term water storage containers will ensure that even during hard times you have access to drinking water. The kits prove helpful even in case help is not provided by the authorities on time.


What to consider when preparing emergency supply kits?


During the evacuation procedure, your knowledge proves more helpful. You need to understand the type of disaster you are facing. You should also have knowledge related to the responding procedure. Being prepared to meet any unexpected situation is what can prove beneficial.


Based on the type of disaster you are more likely to face, you have to prepare your emergency kits handy at home. For places that are more prone to natural calamities, community-based emergency kits are always more helpful for the long term.


Unaffected by lack of supplies


One of the main concerns during an emergency is that markets face a lack of supplies during such hard times. You have to start stocking your long term emergency food supply well ahead of time. You have to ensure that the kit is self-sufficient for a longer period.


So, even if all essential items are not available in the market during an emergency, still you and your family may not be affected. 


72 hours plan


In general, it is advisable to maintain and store water, food, and medicines to last for a few days. You can plan for long term water storage containers that can last for at least 72 hours. For the entire community, you need to plan well ahead of time.


When preparing your emergency kit you need to keep in mind that you won't be able to access basic services like a light for a few days.


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