Learning about the history of Mobile where all it began

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The invention of mobile phones and smartphones has really been very useful to people most especially when it comes to communication. It is now very easy and accessible to contact someone since there is no need for you to write to the letters and wait for its reply after a few days, or even manually operate a radio machine. But it is also very important that you need to look back and know where mobile phones and smartphones began. In this article, they will talk about how it all started and how the evolution of mobile phones began.

Mobile Radio Telephone was then invented

It was in the World War II where the US military was able to invent a new method of communication that would make their life easier when they are already in the battlefield. They have invented the mobile radio telephone which they used in order to communicate with one another. Although there have been some issues when it comes to its usage which is messages can be intercepted when there are other radio signals that are nearby. But that problem has been already been address and the system has been improved since then.

Brick Phone that uses chipsets

In the year 80’s, it was then discovered and invented the use of chipsets which they, later on, incorporate and use to build the brick phone. It is similar to a brick since it is big and quite heavy thus the name of it. It uses and functions with the help of 1G which works similarly with the antennas that you see on television. You have to make sure that the connection and the signal of your phone are strong in order to make a successful call. After the brick phone was invented, the evolution-of-mobile/index.html starts to make its improvement since people now have better and advance technology to back up their invention.

Mobile phones that use 2G signals

After the invention of brick phones, it was then that they realize mobile phones work better if there are mobile networks that involve so that messages and calls get through faster and clearer. This is the time where people start to use sim cards for their mobile phones. It also has its own corresponding mobile number so that you can easily contact a person using their own mobile number.

Nokia, iPhone and the rest of the smartphones today

Nokia was very popular since then because it is where people start to have their own mobile phones since they have created models that are very people friendly and at the same time it is very convenient to bring them around compared to the brick phone that people have in the past years. It is also very affordable to have a phone since you get to choose the model and its features, so if you choose a simpler phone then the price of it also varies but if you want those that are high-end models, then the price also goes higher. After the Nokia era, The iPhone was then introduced to people and it became a big hit even up to this day.

So you would probably say that as the years pass by, more and more mobile phone units and smartphones have become better because people are continuously doing some improvements when it comes to inventing it. Which is why it is not a surprise that smartphones have been the very reliable and constant used to people these days. 

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