Picking the Best Golf Club to Increase Swing Speed

by Tammy Martin Blogger

How can you use a golf club to learn how to increase swing speed? It’s important to take whatever steps are necessary in order to make your golf swing faster. One effective way is to pick the right golf club. Here are some of the most common types of clubs you can us: 

1. Hybrids

This type of golf club includes designs from both woods and irons but is unique from both types. The golf club combines the mixture of swim mechanics of irons and the flexibility and distance of woods. Many golfers find it challenging to use irons 1-4 due to the clubhead’s small face and low trajectory. Woods provide some benefits over irons regarding these issues. Meanwhile, the clubface of airway woods are designed to skim over, which makes it a bad option for taking shots in the rough. This is why many golfers pick hybrids over irons/woods. 

2. Irons

This type of golf club is used in golf to launch the ball to the hall. They usually include smaller clubheads and shorter shafts than woods. The head is a big/flat/angled face and the head is made of solid steel/iron. Irons are used for several golfing situations. That includes ones like removing the ball from hazards, fairway/rough when approaching the green, and teeing ground on short holes. Irons are in fact golf’s most popular club. A standard set usually includes at least half irons. Irons are usually numbered 1-10 that shows the angle of loft on the clubface 

3. Putter

Putters are golf clubs used to make short/low-speed golf shots with the goal of rolling the ball into the hole a small distance away. It’s different from other clubs due to the clubhead being a flat, low-profile/low striking face and other features that only putters can do. This provides benefits over other golf clubs in certain situations. 

4. Woods

This type of golf club has longer shafts as well as rounder heads compared to other types of golf heads. They’re built to hit the ball farther. When combined with certain golf swing techniques they can help to produce the results you want. As the name suggests the key feature of these golf clubs is they traditionally include club heads produced from hardwood. However, today it’s even possible for the heads constructed from metals like titanium. If you’re trying to hit the golf ball farther then you should definitely consider using woods over other options. 

5. Wedges

A wedge is a type of iron golf club that’s built for particular situations. Wedges have the highest lofts, shortest shafts, and heaviest clubheads among irons. These features can help the player to make precise and short “lob” shots so the golf ball gets onto the green from a tough spot like hazards. Wedges are also designed with customized soles that help the player move the club head through sand, grass, mud, etc. 

If you want to learn how to increase swing speed it’s important to know which club to use in which situation. The above-mentioned types can help to get you started.



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