Learn About a Few Popular Parrot Types

by Aarav Gupta Graphic Designer

After doing a little research on parrots you will find that there are a large number of different parrot species on earth. Each type is not just different in their behavior, but also in their personality, life span and colors. To find a parrot that suits you, you will need to do your homework. Almost all parrots are colorful. Some species are large and some are small, but what they all have in common is liveliness and happiness. They need to be treated well to be happy. Some species of parrot can even learn to speak your language.

Parrots have different colors like yellow, ocean blue, grey and light green. Some of parrots are highly active and need a lot of care and attention. Others are very easy going and can be handled easily. Mostly parrots are good pets and become familiar with your family in no time. Parrots want to be loved by you and they want your attention too. They love to have company.

A parrot's diet is very simple: fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and pellets. Parrots are very sensitive to their environment and the way you are treating them. If they are not getting proper food and their surroundings are not clean, they will become unhealthy and will not behave properly. In this state, parrots can resort to plucking their feathers out or other behavioral disorders. What follows is quick summary of the most popular parrot types:

Conures: This type of parrot has their own opinions and is independent. Most Conures are lively, amusing and friendly. They rarely get into a fight with each other in the wild.
Macaws: This type of parrot is very bright and is one of the most intelligent birds. They are very showy and that is why they get a lot of attention from people. But the only bad thing is that they can behave very poorly when not well trained.
Cockatiels: They are very lively and easy going pets and are ideal for first-time parrot owners.
Budgies: These are mostly found in Australia. They are good pets and are full of liveliness and amusement.
Cockatoos: They have a very kind nature and make strong connections with their owners. They are good to make pets.

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