Laminating Adhesives – Get to know its Importance in Laminating Business

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Adhesive is an important compound which is used to join or to bond two different items. Laminating adhesive is one such thing which is used widely in almost all places. It does the same work. Adhesives are of different types. Here is a list –

Ø  Contact adhesive

Ø  Drying adhesive

Ø  Hot melt adhesive

Ø  UV and light curing adhesive

Ø  Reactive adhesive

Ø  Pressure sensitive adhesive

Dry laminating adhesive is a solvent type. For its solvent feature, two surfaces of laminating films can be joined together. This type of adhesive is mostly used in household applications. However, the bonding strength is not that great but it is safer and also non-toxic in nature.

Laminating adhesives are basically natural gums and plant based resins. The archeologists have found that almost 6000 years old broken ceramic vessel can be repaired using resin plant. In early days, adhesives are made using animal glues made by rendering different types of animal products such as buffalo hooves.

Egypt is said to be the most prominent place where adhesives are widely used. The Egyptians mostly used animal glues to bond furniture, tombs, papyrus etc. with the growing use of laminating adhesives, the number of manufacturing company has also considerably increased. However, you need to select the adhesive manufacturer very carefully. Always select a reputed and authorized organization. For detail information, you can take the help of the internet. The internet is said to be the best platform to get important information. With the growing modernization, new patents have been issued on using bones, starch, fish and casein. The modern laminating adhesives have improved toughness, flexibility, temperature, curing rate and chemical resistance.

What are the uses of laminating adhesives?

Well, laminating adhesives are used for different purposes. Here, in this blog, you will get some details –

Dry laminating adhesives

They are mainly used for daily commodity packaging and food items. A single plastic has different types of properties that include flexibility, transparency, gas barrier properties, chemical resistance, moisture permeability etc. For bonding at least two types of films, dry laminating adhesives are used.

Solvent-free laminating adhesives

In today’s age, a growing awareness can be seen among people where they are concerned about the security and safety in food packaging. This solvent free laminating adhesives are used for hygiene packaging items. In solvent-free adhesives, solvent is not used for lamination.

Extrusion laminating primers

Dry lamination used mainly solid plastic film, here, extrusion lamination is manufactured using a process of extruding polyethylene which is melted at the temperature of 310 degree Celsius and bonding is made using the sealant with a primer base. This makes the bonding stronger.

Laminating adhesives are used extensively for flexible packaging purposes. Lamination in flexible packaging is basically a process where more packaging items are joined together using a bonding agent. These items can be films, papers, aluminum foils and so on. Basically, laminating adhesives are applied to the less absorbent substances which is then pressed. As the demand for flexible packaging is increasing at a fast pace, the market for laminating adhesives is also expected to witness a noticeable growth in coming days.

For flexible items packaging purposes also, laminating adhesives are used. It provides ultimate shipping protection. To transport delicate items from one place to another, this adhesive is extensively used. Different types of felts, fabrics and papers are used in the packaging to protect delicate and valuable contents. Most often, this flexible packaging is reusable that reduces cost-per-use. This packaging is often used in online shopping sector, food packaging and so on.

The use of laminating adhesives has immensely increased over time and it is hoped that its market will notice a considerable growth in coming days. These adhesives have been designed for both indirect and non-food applications. They have long life, excellent bond and ready to slit after lamination. It helps to cater to the varying needs of the customers. 

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