Knowing the Key Differences Between Silver And Platinum Jewelry

by Frederick Fortino Silver jewelry
To a person who is new to the jewelry world, metals like platinum, silver and sterling silver may seem alike. Though, when observed closely, one can find a handful of significant differences between them. With minimal knowledge and practice, you can identify these metals like a professional dealer offering wholesale silver jewelry

One of the simplest ways to recognize silver jewelry is through a hallmark. Often, any item containing sterling silver is marked as either 925S or S925 due to the fact that this is a mixture composed of 92.5 % purity and remaining percent copper or other metal. You can also use the same tactic to understand a piece of platinum jewelry. If a particular item is made of platinum, it may have a stamp reading PLAT 999 or PT 950. In absence of such marking on the metal’s surface, it may indicate a non-precious metal. 

Here’re some tests that will help you to examine the jewelry better:

Magnet test: Top jewelry designers crafting the prime-quality wholesale sterling silver jewelry say that most precious metals are magnetic-resistance. Thus, you can try running a magnet over your jewelry pieces. If the magnet doesn’t attract, they are authentic. Keep in mind that the presence of cobalt results in a magnetic reaction of platinum. So, do not be afraid to invest in it. 

Use hydrogen peroxide: 

This is another interesting way to check the genuineness of silver and platinum. Hydrogen peroxide can be bought from any local grocery shop. Take an empty bowl and pour out hydrogen peroxide into it. Once you’re done, carefully put the jewelry into the container. Make sure that there is enough liquid to soak the ornaments entirely. 

Experts say that platinum is a strong catalyst that will cause a bubbling effect on hydrogen peroxide. While silver being a weak catalyst does not reveal immediate reactions. However, if you see the formation of small bubbles circulating the silver jewelry, then you can be relieved about its quality. 

After you’ve conducted this test, wash the jewelry with cold water in order to sweep away the testing ingredient. It is advisable to use a sieve to prevent any loss of jewelry. Do not wear it right away after rinsing. Let it dry naturally.     

Apply a Testing Solution

For large jewelry, the silver testing solution works well. However, be careful while using it as it is likely to cause metal corrosion. It can be purchased from an online store selling wholesale silver rings and wholesale sterling silver jewelry

Before starting with the testing procedure, wear a pair of protective hand gloves. Pour out a tad of silver testing liquid on the metal. Try to avoid the sensitive surfaces and target some hidden spots like the back of a necklace or a bracelet. 

On observation, you will discover that the acid takes a unique color after initially exhibiting dark brown. For instance, an item made of 99% pure silver, shall transform the solution into dark red whereas copper or other lower-grade metals exhibit a bluish-green hue. 

Take a piece of clean cloth to rinse off the acid. Also, wash it with cold water before putting them on.

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