Tips for Buying Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Abroad

by Frederick Fortino Silver jewelry
Making a jewelry purchase in a country you are travelling for the first time is painstaking. A huge number of retailers still prefer examining the accessories by their own eyes instead of ordering it online. A trip to the top suppliers in the world can reward you with high-quality wholesale sterling silver jewelry.

 If you are not well-informed you might fall prey to the deceptive practices adopted by the sellers in the gemstone market. While most of the wholesalers know everything about the sterling silver, for those who don’t here, is a brief -

In pure form silver is highly malleable; it can’t be worn on the body, as it easily bends under pressure. Adding another metal such as copper gives the metal strength to resist the shape change. Sterling silver is an alloy which contains 92.5 % of pure silver metal and a mixture of other metals.

Here are four tips for buying sterling silver jewelry abroad -

1. Compare the Pricing - The cost of precious metals differs within regions of the country. Search the internet for the price per gram on the day of purchase. The total price of a jewelry piece mainly consists of the silver rate + the making charges x total weight of the jewelry.

Therefore, the differences in the prices offered in one shop to another will be smaller. A drastic discrepancy is an indicator of fraudulent deals. Also, research the places which offer the best silver items in the country.

2. Testing the Quality -  Even if you don’t know anything about wholesaler sterling silver, these physical tests allow to differentiate real from fake.

Magnet - Carry a lab magnet with you. Don’t use the smaller magnet found in the home articles. Try magnetizing the ornaments. Silver is non-magnetic.  If it is attracted to the magnet, you are being sold another metal coated with pure silver.
Magnifying glass - Hallmark is the sign of jewelry’s authenticity. It is too small to be noticed by naked eyes, you will need a magnifying glass to examine the hallmark. Usually, it is found on the inner edge of the metal. Silver is graded into several purities on the based of the amount of silver present in a piece of jewelry. S925 are the letters are signifying sterling silver. If you see anything other than S925 marking, the silver is not 92.5 % pure. Lower quality silver contains S800 whereas EPNS is for nickel plated silver.

White Cloth - On being rubbed with a cloth silver oxidises leaving black residual. If you don’t see black marks on your cloth, it’s not real silver.

3. Sound Test -  If you are buying Wholesale Silver Rings you can simply flip the ring onto furniture. As the metal strikes the surface of the table, it will produce a ringing sound. A high-pitched sound is made of pure jewelry. Low-quality metal products produce is a deep low sound.

4. Appraisal Process - It’s are viable to test each and every piece of jewelry you purchase at the store itself. Ask the jeweler for getting an appraisal from a certified institution of gems and jewelry is the means. In case the jeweler doesn’t give you enough time for the entire appraisal to complete, you can ask him to offer you a return back guarantee. This gives you the chance the return the products which fail the test.

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