Know why PVC pipes have reigned supreme over other pipe materials

by Ankita Awasthi Article Writer, Seo Analyst

Hose pipes are one of the common necessities of a normal household. They help in transfer of fluids faster in the most efficient way anywhere in the vicinity. Just plug it into a tap and you will get an uninterrupted flow of water.

Hose pipes differ in terms of construction material and build. Earlier, garden hose pipes were made of rubber which were way too bulky and heavy to use. Today, hose pipes for sale are made of nylon, polyethylene, polyurethane and synthetic rubber. They also differ on the basis of pressure rating and environment.

PVC hose pipes rule the roost

Among all other materials, PVC hose pipes have gained wide popularity in the recent decades. PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride has been termed as a wonder material and is used in various applications. Hose pipes made with PVC are long-lasting, flexible and resistant to abuse, which is why they are preferred for various purposes. PVC hose pipes differ according to the purpose they are used. There are water hoses, garden hoses, pneumatic hoses, chemical hoses, welding hoses and sanitary connection hoses.

Pneumatic hose pipes are built tough to withstand high pressure. They are specially reinforced with nylon in which nylon threads are fused into the pipe to provide maximum strength and protect it from breakage. These pipes are resistant to oil, chemicals and corrosive chemicals.

Water hose pipes are flexible and are used for gardening, construction and irrigation needs. Chemical, welding and sanitary hoses are similar to pneumatic hoses as they are braided with nylon to strengthen the build.

Benefits of PVC hose pipes

If you want to buy a hose pipe, a PVC pipe will be the safest bet. PVC hose pipes are performance-friendly and are durable enough to last a decade or two. Let’s talk about some of its benefits.

·        Lightweight: PVC hose pipes score over other materials because of their comparatively low weight. They weigh between 2-5 kilos and can be carried effortlessly from one place to another. They are easily to plug in to a source and don’t carry any risk of injury.

·        Flexibility: PVC hoses are extremely resistant to breakage or leaks. They are made from rigid PVC compound and have the ability to withstand any load and pressure. They can withstand any temperature and are mostly preferred for underground applications.

·        Safe: PVC hoses are user-friendly and non-toxic. They don’t react with any liquid and are considered safe.

·        Friction-less: PVC pipes have smoother wall surfaces and reduce friction as liquid passes through them. This property prevents slime build-up within the pipes and reduces encrustation in water distribution. This also increases the lifetime of the pipe.

·        Fire-resistant: This property puts PVC pipes head and shoulders above other pipe materials. PVC hose pipes are difficult to ignite and won’t burn in the absence of an external fire source.

The versatility of hose pipes have been instrumental in its use for various purposes. From households to industries, hose pipes have reigned supreme in every purpose it is used for.

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