Knee Braces – Understanding Their Significance And Risks

by Vivek Choudhary Nice life

A knee brace is a useful tool meant for managing the discomfort you experience because of knee osteoarthritis. Orthopedics in Gurgaon reveal that you can benefit from a knee brace as it helps diminish pain by moving your weight away from the most damaged or diseased portion of your knee. When you wear a knee brace you can bring about improvement in your ability to move around. Further, a knee brace helps you walk with ease and comfort.

·         Different types of knee braces are available at an orthopedic hospital in Gurgaon and used effectively to face up to osteoarthritis.

·         You may have a typical unloader brace that aids in shifting weight from the impacted part of your knee.

Why are knee braces required?

·         If truth be told, osteoarthritis can bring about enough complications to your knee joint in its entirety.

·         Primarily osteoarthritis goes by the name of wear-and-tear arthritis that commonly impinges on the knees of people who are old and with a weakened immune system.

·         Often, as per ortho doctors in Gurgaon, the disease is found to impact more on one particular side of your knee in comparison with the other.

·         This unequal extent of damage can make your affected knee get misaligned thereby giving you the look of a knock-kneed or bowlegged.

·         With progression in the damage, there’s a gradual worsening of the misaligned state.

·         Herein a knee brace may come to your rescue by relieving the pressure from the portion of the joint most struck at by osteoarthritis and help let go of the pain.

·         In the event that your knee feels like it might bend or collapse when you add pressure by putting a weight on it, a knee brace can as well come to your aid in making you stand, maintain the posture, and get around with more self-assurance.


·         An orthopedic in Gurgaon states that there are however several risks associated with wearing a knee brace.

·         These include the following.

o   Discomfort caused by the continued use of the brace

§  At times, the knee brace can make you feel bulky, weighty besides heating up the braced area initially.

§  Even a poorly fitted knee brace may slip off.

o   Skin irritation or swelling

§  The skin underneath the brace could experience redness and irritation in case your knee brace has a poor fit.

§  A few people also experience swelling and tenderness around the affected joint.

o   Lack of benefit

§  Studies on the efficacy of knee braces for people suffering from osteoarthritis have been few and far between.

§  Even people have come up with mixed responses with regard to the results and improvements observed.

§  A few people are said to have discovered no benefit of using the knee brace.

§  Nonetheless, others have reported incidents of reduced pain and improved mobility.

o   Stiffness

§  When someone wears a knee brace, he/she may be tempted in treating the braced knee thinking it to have sustained an injury and begin favoring the other knee in the bargain which in turn can contribute to stiffness in the joint.

An orthopedic doctor from Paras, one of the best hospitals in Gurgaon asserts that the pain due to osteoarthritis on your knee can be excruciating. As a consequence, you may naturally protect your knee and keep from putting more pressure or weight on it. If worn in a consistent fashion, a knee brace can bring in added stability and boost the confidence in your knee.

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