High-Risk Pregnancy: Know About Its Allied Risk Factors

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In the event, you’re subjected to a high-risk pregnancy you and your baby are exposed to the spiraling risk of health problems at the onset of, during or subsequent to your delivery. More often than not, a special screening or comprehensive care, According to a maternity hospital in Chandigarh, all through the pregnancy is a necessity.

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Through this article, you can gain an understanding of the risk factors associated with high-risk pregnancy and how you can act upon to look after yourself and your baby.

What are the risk factors associated with high-risk pregnancy?

  • Occasionally, high-risk pregnancy, as per a leading neonatologist in Chandigarh, is the ramification of an underlying medical condition that exists before pregnancy.
  • In other situations, a repressed medical condition that makes headway or you and your baby alike in the course of pregnancy gives rise to a pregnancy that develops a high risk.
  • Certain vital factors that play a part in engendering a high-risk pregnancy include the following.

Advanced maternal age

  • The risk factors linked with pregnancy are above average especially for expectant mothers with age over 35.

Lifestyle choices

  • If you engage in addictions such as smoking, alcohol or illegal drug abuse you put yourself in danger with the high perils of pregnancy.

Medical history

  • If you have a family history of diabetes, chronic hypertension, heart ailments, breathing complaints like infections, poorly controlled asthma, and disorders related to blood-clotting such as deep vein thrombosis can amplify pregnancy risks.

Surgical history

  • If you’ve had surgery done in your uterus for uterine tumors (fibroids), multiple abdominal surgeries, and multiple C-sections you become increasingly susceptible to pregnancy issues.

Pregnancy complications

  • Several complications which are brought about for the period of pregnancy can throw up risks. For instance, according to the best female gynecologist in Chandigarh, you may suffer from the following.
    • Abnormal placental positioning
    • Fetal growth limitation – A condition where the fetus is found to develop in a manner less than the 10th percentile of the corresponding period of conception
    • Rh (rhesus) sensitization – A possibly severe condition that can take place when you have Rh-negative blood group and your baby has Rh-positive blood group

Multiple pregnancies

  • The risks connected with pregnancy are greater than before, in particular, for women who have conceived twins or higher order multiples.

Warning signs or symptoms of high-risk pregnancy

  • You can have a consultation with your health care provider and learn about ways to deal with any medical conditions you might call on at some stage in your pregnancy and in what manner your health possibly will have an effect on your labor and delivery.
  • Discuss with your pregnancy gynecologist Chandigarh to ascertain individual signs or symptoms as described below.
    • Distorted or blurred vision
    • Pain or a burning sensation at the time of urination
    • Pain or sensation of cramps in the lower abdomen
    • Regular and recurrent contractions in the abdomen with a tightening feeling
    • Severe lingering headaches
    • Subsided fetal activity
    • Vaginal bleeding
    • Watery vaginal discharge either in a trickle or a gush

The onus lies on you to discover which warning signs or symptoms should prompt you to get in touch with your health care provider at Paras Bliss, the best maternity hospital in Chandigarh, and when to seek emergency care. If truth be told, a high-risk pregnancy has its own share of a succession of both good and bad experiences. You need to put in your utmost efforts to promote a healthy pregnancy.

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