Key Features and Benefits of Odoo ERP CRM you must know

by Alex Forsyth Developer

Odoo ERP CRM provides essential features such as contact management, lead tracking, sales automation, and customer service. It streamlines operations, improves customer relationships, and offers real-time reporting and analytics, increasing efficiency and business growth. 


In the digital age, customer relationship management (CRM) has become a vital component for businesses aiming to stay competitive and thrive in a highly dynamic market. Odoo CRM emerges as a comprehensive solution, offering a robust set of features and numerous benefits. In this article, we delve into the intricate details of Odoo ERP CRM, highlighting its key features and the advantages it brings to organisations of all sizes and industries.


A Comprehensive Suite of Features of the Odoo ERP CRM


Contact Management: 

Odoo CRM serves as a centralised repository for managing contacts, allowing businesses to store and organise vital customer information in one location. It enables efficient tracking of interactions, including calls, emails, meetings, and notes, providing a holistic view of customer engagement.


Lead Tracking and Conversion:

The CRM module empowers businesses to capture, track, and manage leads seamlessly. With Odoo, organisations can easily prioritise leads, assign tasks, and monitor progress, streamlining the entire lead management process. It facilitates smooth conversion of leads into opportunities, ensuring a systematic approach to sales.


Sales Automation:

Odoo CRM automates various sales-related activities, simplifying and accelerating the sales cycle. From creating quotations and managing contracts to monitoring sales targets and generating invoices, the system enhances sales efficiency and empowers sales teams to focus on building relationships with customers.


Customer Service:

Efficient customer service is pivotal for retaining loyal customers and fostering brand advocacy. Odoo ERP CRM equips businesses with robust tools for managing customer inquiries, complaints, and support tickets. It enables organisations to deliver prompt and personalised customer service, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


Collaboration and Communication:

Collaboration is the key to successful CRM implementation, and Odoo excels in this aspect. It facilitates seamless collaboration among team members by providing a centralised platform for sharing customer information, activities, and communications. Real-time updates and notifications ensure everyone stays aligned and informed.


Benefits of the Odoo ERP CRM. 


Streamlined Operations:

Odoo CRM offers the significant benefit of streamlined operations. By centralising customer data and integrating various CRM functionalities, it eliminates redundant processes and manual tasks. This consolidation minimises duplication of effort, reduces the risk of data inconsistencies, and optimises efficiency. With a single platform for lead management, contact tracking, sales automation, and customer service, businesses can navigate seamlessly through workflows, saving time and resources. By streamlining operations, Odoo ERP CRM enhances productivity, improves data accuracy, and enables teams to focus on strategic activities, ultimately driving growth and success. 


Enhanced Customer Relationships:

The CRM brings the benefit of enhanced customer relationships. By providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions, preferences, and purchase history, businesses can deliver personalised experiences and build stronger connections. With access to valuable customer insights, organisations can anticipate needs, tailor products and services, and provide exceptional customer service. Odoo ERP CRM enables businesses to understand their customers better, foster loyalty, and drive customer satisfaction. By nurturing relationships and delivering personalised experiences, businesses can improve customer retention, drive repeat business, and generate positive word-of-mouth, ultimately contributing to long-term success. 


Real-time Reporting and Analytics:

One of the notable benefits of Odoo CRM is real-time reporting and analytics. With its powerful reporting capabilities, businesses gain access to actionable insights derived from their customer data. The system offers customisable reports and dashboards, allowing organisations to track and analyse key metrics related to sales performance, customer behaviour, and marketing campaigns. Real-time reporting enables businesses to make data-driven decisions promptly, identify trends, and uncover opportunities for improvement. The availability of analytics empowers organisations to optimise their CRM strategies, refine marketing efforts, and enhance customer experiences. With Odoo ERP CRM's robust reporting and analytics, businesses can drive continuous improvement and stay ahead in a competitive market landscape. 


Increased Efficiency and Productivity:

Odoo CRM provides the significant benefit of increased efficiency and productivity. By automating manual tasks and streamlining processes, it enables businesses to optimise their operations and make the most of their resources. With features like automated lead management, streamlined sales processes, and efficient customer service workflows, employees can focus their time and energy on strategic activities rather than administrative tasks. This increased efficiency leads to improved productivity, faster response times, and enhanced customer satisfaction. By leveraging the automation capabilities of Odoo ERP CRM, businesses can maximise their workforce potential, drive revenue growth, and achieve operational excellence. 


Scalability and Customisability:

Odoo CRM offers the notable benefits of scalability and customisability. As businesses evolve and grow, their CRM needs change accordingly. Odoo ERP CRM provides a flexible and scalable solution that can adapt to varying sizes and industries. It allows businesses to customise and extend the CRM functionalities based on their specific requirements. This flexibility enables organisations to tailor the CRM system to align with their unique processes and workflows. Whether it's customising fields, creating personalised reports, or integrating with other business systems, Odoo ERP CRM empowers businesses to mould the CRM solution to fit their evolving needs. With its scalability and customisability, Odoo ERP CRM ensures that the CRM system can grow alongside the organisation, maximising its long-term value. 



The CRM stands out as a comprehensive and feature-rich solution for businesses seeking to optimise their customer relationship management processes. Its key features encompass contact management, lead tracking, sales automation, customer service, collaboration, and communication. The benefits it brings range from streamlined operations and enhanced customer relationships to real-time reporting, increased efficiency, and scalability. With Odoo ERP CRM, organisations can unlock the true potential of their customer data, enabling them to thrive in a competitive marketplace and drive sustainable growth. 


Alex Forsyth is an expert Odoo consultant associated with one of the official Odoo partners in Australia, Envertis Software Solutions. The author has shared the key features and benefits of the Odoo ERP CRM module in this article to give you a clear idea about it and to let you understand why it is crucial for your business now.

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