IVF Doctor Should Be Approached On Time To Yield Positive Result From IVF Treatment

by Dr. Archana Dhawan ivf Doctor in Delhi

Many couples ignore the symptoms of infertility and keep persisting with the prevailing conditions. It is strongly prohibited and consulting an IVF doctor as soon as possible is recommended

Infertility can be a disastrous experience, especially when you intensely desire to achieve parenthood. Having a child of your own is a blessing of God, but not everyone on this earth is fortunate enough to relish this blessing. There are couples who willingly or unwillingly hit by the infertility factor to remain barren for years. But the good thing is that infertility is no more an incurable disease. The IVF doctor in Delhi asserts that infertility is quite treatable and the couple can relish the boon of medical science that has provided big smiles on many faces who are not being able to conceive otherwise.

Consulting the IVF doctor can solve the issue of infertility. There are a number of treatment available these days. From fertility medication to IVF or advance treatment, can be utilized to get the best results and achieve pregnancy and live birth. But one thing that is being ignored by the infertile couple is the quick turn-around to the IVF doctor. Most of the time, people take so much time to consult with the doctor. It only enhances their complication and makes it more difficult to achieve positive and favorable results from the IVF or other assisted reproductive technique.

What is the right time to approach an IVF doctor?

If you feel that you are not able to conceive of your own despite trying everything, including the timely performed sexual intercourse with your partner for the period of 12 months or more, it is the right time you should knock the door of the infertility doctor and tell them your concern without any hesitation. Any further delays are certainly not recommended.

There are couples who delay their family planning. In the process, if they want to start their planning later and the age of the women crosses over 35, under the circumstances, they should consult the doctor only six months later, if nothing happens naturally. It is so because of the rate of obtaining pregnancy declines quickly after the age of 35 in women. Moreover, the chances of miscarriage also gone up considerably at this juncture. So, waiting for something to happen after the six months of baffle effort is just a waste of time and inviting more difficulty in conceiving.

Things to talk to the IVF doctor during the initial consultation

During the consultation with the IVF doctor in Delhi you should be very frank and generous in telling him/her your prevailing condition. You can also ask as many questions as you want to clear any apprehension and doubt regarding the IVF treatment. It is very important that you should answer the question asked by the doctor truly as it will help him to assess and evaluate your infertility condition and get to the root cause of the problem, thus, can implement the most suitable treatment to cure your infertility.

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