How Important It Is For Infertility Patients To Consult An IVF Doctor

by Dr. Archana Dhawan ivf Doctor in Delhi

 The ultimate dream of a married couple, sooner or later, is to have their own baby who can make their family complete. Many of us are lucky that they achieve this dream without facing any challenging issue. However, there are a large number of couples who are not so lucky and battling hard to obtain parenthood even after many years of their married life. All I want to say that there is still a hope left for such couple or people in the form of IVF doctor in Delhi. The IVF treatment is proving an elixir in overcoming infertility issues in males and females and converting the hope into reality.

Since the role of IVF doctor is quite crucial in providing a successful outcome in infertility treatment. That is why choosing a qualified and expert IVF specialist, discussing your infertility issue candidly and seeking an accurate and suitable treatment is an essential factor that should never be ignored. We will discuss all such factors that will explain why it is essential to consult the IVF doctor and how he can help you sort out the problem of infertility.

Why should you consult an IVF doctor?

To be very honest, you need a medical specialist who can handle the infertility condition in a clinical manner. There are several conditions that are not easily readable or understandable by the couples that cause infertility. An IVF doctor will make things clear and help you to follow a proper medical guideline or treatment to remove infertility and attain pregnancy. One thing that is quite important that you should approach the infertility expert as soon as you realize you could not conceive naturally. Unconditional or unacceptable delay will only make things more complicated.

What should you discuss with the IVF expert?

As a patient, you can ask anything that comes to your mind regarding why you are not being able to conceive. However, some of the questions you may put in front of the IVF expert are as follows:

  • What is the reason for infertility in my case?

  • What possible solutions would you suggest?

  • What are the chances of success in IVF treatment in my case?

  • What is the expected budget for one IVF cycle?

  • Do you provide insurance cover?

What is the right time to see an infertility specialist?

The point is not much debatable, but people have made it so. Anyway, if a woman is not able to conceive naturally for more than a year or so, the couple must seek medical attention to find out the reason and possible solution. Women with above 34-35 years of age should visit an IVF doctor in Delhi after six months of inability to conceive.

What should you do if IVF doctor could not yield a positive result after the treatment?

A failed IVF cycle is not a strange thing. So if your IVF treatment fails initially, you should discuss the reason for it and can persist with the improved IVF treatment in the pursuit of achieving pregnancy. It usually takes 3 or more cycle to thrive.

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