Is Hair Transplantation The Most Appropriate Solution For Pattern Baldness?

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant

The millennium city of Gurgaon, also known as Gurugram, is booming with corporate skyscrapers and a sizable population employed by major multinational corporations. Hair transplant treatments are becoming extremely popular due to factors such as the fast-paced lifestyle of the West, high-end shopping malls, expressways, and an increased consciousness of one's appearance. Due to the high volume of inquiries and treatments this has generated in the city, Gurgaon is undoubtedly a good place to undergo cosmetic operations, but it's not exactly recognized for having the best hair transplant services. But Delhi, the nation's capital, is close to Gurgaon and offers top-notch, cutting-edge hair restoration facilities. It's also a popular medical travel destination for those having hair transplants.

The popularity of hair transplant in Gurgaon is growing due to a sharp increase in demand, but the majority of patients would rather travel to Delhi, which is close to Gurgaon and provides hair transplant procedures from some of the most renowned doctors in the world with illustrious backgrounds and extensive expertise. The hair transplant cost in Gurgaon is similar to that of Delhi, but the quality of care is not comparable because the surgeons in Delhi have far more expertise.

With over ten years of industry leadership, Medispa hair transplant clinics in Delhi and Jaipur have gained immense global recognition for their exceptional hair transplant services. Our objective is to succeed every day by not only establishing our reputation but also by giving each patient amazing results. Our success is measured by our clients' satisfaction and smiles, which spur us to develop and offer what's best for the patient.

Hair loss and it causes

Loss of hair may be transient or permanent. Finding clusters of hairs in the sink, on pillows, or in combs might be a concerning indicator of hair loss if hair fall surpasses 50–100 hairs. Genetics is the main cause of hair loss, followed by a number of additional variables such as hormone imbalance, radiation or chemotherapy, and systemic disorders linked to hair loss. Other variables that are linked to hair loss and speed up the process include poor diet, altered lifestyle, elevated stress levels, and increased pollution. 

How to identify the extent of pattern baldness?

The Norwood classification is used by clinicians to determine the degree of baldness. The seven phases of baldness are described here in detail.

Class I: Entire hairline lies high on the forehead and is not actually balding.

Class II: Triangular areas of recession in the sides of frontal area and minimal recession on mid frontal area.

Class III: Borderline case. Deepening of triangular recession or can include thinning of hair on the vertex.

Class IV: Further frontal hair loss and widening of hair loss from vertex but still a wide band of hair present separating frontal and vertex hair loss.

Class V: Widening of frontal and vertex hair loss and continual breaking of separation line of hairs between frontal and vertex baldness.

Class VI: Band or bridge of hair disappear merging frontal and vertex baldness.

Class VII: A band ofhair presents only in back and side of the head.

What solutions are there for treating the problem of hair loss?

The choices for treating hair loss are limited. Hair loss is treated with medications, PRP therapy, and hair transplants. While there are recognized advantages to medicines, these effects are frequently fleeting. The condition improves if the medications are stopped. When hair loss is still in its early stages, PRP treatment is suggested. Although the therapy is shown to be helpful, its applicability to advanced hair loss is restricted.

It has been determined that the best treatment for baldness is a hair transplant. Through the movement of hair roots throughout your body, the technique reverses baldness. After being removed from the donor location, the hair roots are transplanted to the intended bald spot.

Is a hair transplant the best course of action for treating pattern baldness?

Undoubtedly, the best treatment for pattern baldness is a hair transplant. The following are some of the procedure's many benefits:

1. Permanent results are provided via hair transplantation. If the treatment is carried out by skilled hands, the hair growth you obtain from a hair transplant does really last a lifetime.

2. The process of getting a hair transplant is easy. Once the physical recuperation is complete, you don't need to do any more steps to promote hair growth.

3. The process is carried out under local anesthesia and is painless.

4. Because your own hair is transplanted, it provides a natural-looking hairline.

 "Medispa hair transplant clinics" in Jaipur and Delhi are leaders in providing excellent hair transplant outcomes at reasonable prices. Because of our extremely pleasing and aesthetically pleasing outcomes, we are one of the most well-known and sought-after hair transplant clinics in the world. Our hair transplant team is among the largest and most skilled in all of India. A hair transplant surgeon's artistry and extraordinary surgical prowess make Dr. Suneet Soni one of the finest.   So don't delay to schedule your appointment with us right away if you want to enjoy the best hair transplant outcomes with Medispa clinics.

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