How To Get Rid of Pattern Baldness By Hair Transplantation?

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant

People in India and other countries are very concerned about hair loss. Because it affects the younger generation as well, it is no longer seen as a sign of aging. Men and women both experience hair loss, but men experience it more frequently.

Males tend to choose hair transplant more frequently than females due to the distinct pattern of baldness in men, which involves a higher incidence of going bald as hair loss begins in the form of patchy bald spots at the vertex area or receding hairlines. The back and sides of the head eventually become completely bald as hair loss progresses, leaving only a band of hair. Females rarely lose their hair, in contrast to males, but they do share a central thinning that widens the partition.

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Genetic baldness

There are many causes for hair loss, but genetic dysfunction is by far the most prevalent one. Oversensitive hair follicles with DHT-sensitive receptors are a result of the genetic dysfunction. These hair follicles experience hair loss as a result of hair thinning and miniaturization. This cycle of hair loss progresses, resulting in bald spots that merge to form a sizable bald spot.

The frontal and temporal regions of the scalp, which are involved in hair loss, are DHT sensitive. Because they lack androgen receptors, the back and sides of the head are protected from the effects of androgenic hormone. As a result, you may have noticed the typical pattern of baldness, in which the patient may lose all of their hair but retains a band of hair on the side and back of their head.

Why does male pattern baldness have a particular pattern?

A specific area of the scalp—either the frontal or vertex region—is affected by male pattern baldness. It starts in the frontal or vertex region of the scalp, which resembles a bald patch or receding hairline, respectively. A band of hair remains at the back and side of the head (occipital area) as the baldness spreads, eventually combining the baldness of the two areas to form a large bald area.

This pattern results from the frontal and vertex area hairs' DHT sensitivity, which causes thinning and miniaturization, which in turn causes hair loss due to genetic influence.  The hair follicles in the occipital region, or the back and sides of the head, are DHT resistant and do not change under the influence of genetics, making them permanent for life. 

Instead of on the scalp, the genetic makeup of hair is located in the root portion. As a result, these hair follicles follow their natural pattern and do not experience hair loss when transplanted to any desirable bald location. This is the foundation of the hair transplant procedure because DHT resistant hair follicles are chosen as the follicular grafts, which are meant to produce permanent results. 

Hair transplant procedures

The hair transplant procedures are minimally invasive surgical procedures that involve removing hair follicles from body parts that have permanent hair roots and surgically implanting them into the recipient bald area.

The idea behind hair transplant surgery and its long-lasting results is the collection of DHT-resistant roots, which do not change under the influence of androgenic hormones and last a lifetime. Since the genetic makeup of the hair root is found in the root and not in the scalp, transplanting hair follicles anywhere they are needed will cause them to behave like roots and remain there permanently. 

Since a hair transplant uses your own hair, one of its biggest limitations is that you need enough hair follicles to adequately cover the bald area in order for the procedure to be successful. If the answer is yes, a number of additional factors will need to be evaluated by the hair transplant surgeon to determine the patient's eligibility.

Benefits of hair transplant

The hair transplant procedure has numerous advantages over the other methods of treating male pattern baldness, and these advantages are as follows:

1. Hair transplant procedures, which include the transplantation of permanent hair roots, offer results that are permanent.

2. Hair transplant surgery produces results that are realistic-looking when it is carried out by a skilled surgeon with artistic sensibility.

3. Unlike other temporary treatment options, hair transplants are hassle-free and don't require much upkeep.

4. Because hair transplant procedures produce permanent results, they do not require replacement like temporary aids do.

5. Despite requiring surgery, the hair transplant procedure is painless due to its minimally invasive nature.

Therefore, if the condition is feasible in your case and you are experiencing hair loss, a hair transplant procedure is unquestionably your best option. Visit the Medispa hair transplant clinic right away to receive a comprehensive treatment for hair loss from Dr. Suneet Soni, an expert hair transplant surgeon, with outstanding results.

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