Is Ayurvedic medicine Powerful for creatinine Level treatment?

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Ayurvedic medicine for creatinine brought to you by Karma Ayurveda is an essential medicine to get rid of the rising creatinine levels in the blood. Due to improper filtration of creatinine, the chemical composition of the blood also changes leading to problems. 

What Is High Creatinine Level

There can be many problems within the kidneys. They can suffer from multiple diseases or other diseases in the body can directly or indirectly affect the kidneys. Many people pop over the counter medications for pain and inflammation, however, these can cause reverse damage to the kidneys by damaging their kidney tissue. As a result, the inflammation of the tissue occurs and leads to the backing up of urine. If this does not happen then the filtration rate is increased, pores largen and the nephrons allow the proteins, minerals and even blood to leave the body at a higher rate than usual. You might experience weakness if this occurs since the body is being drained of the minerals and salts. The tiny blood vessels are harmed and become irreparable.

The waste product of the muscles rubbing together produces creatinine. As we know, the muscles contract and relax and are in constant contact with other muscles. This causes the release of a chemical called creatinine. This creatinine is not used by the body and is therefore considered a waste product which is to be released by the kidneys in the urine. The kidneys when not functioning properly can end up releasing more creatinine than required, this leads to a high level of creatinine in the blood indicating a kidney disease. 

It is important to note that creatinine in the urine is not a primary disease but a symptom. This can indicate other problems in the body. 
It can be a result of-

Thus there are many reasons for high creatinine levels in the blood. Ayurvedic medicine for creatinine is very helpful in treating the above conditions and making the body whole again. Ayurveda uses the natural herbs to deal with the bodily systems. It takes into account the traditional knowledge of the body and the herbs and combines the two to produce a remedy. These Ayurvedic herbs are provided to you by Karma Ayurveda, an Ayurvedic firm in Delhi, which primarily deals with kidney diseases and cures them using the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatment for creatinine does not cause any side effects and is intended only for the loss of kidney function, in this case. It is very effective and can help people lead a healthy life.
Diagnosis of creatinine levels-
Blood tests are not conclusive tests for this problem because sometimes the creatinine in the blood will not account for your race and gender. Therefore, a more conclusive test like glomerular filtration rate abbreviated as GFR is done to calculate the efficiency of the kidneys. It takes into account the levels of creatinine along with the race, age, gender and body size making it perfect for this condition. It can be a problem if your GFR is below 60 for three months or if it is above 60 with symptoms of kidney disease. If these symptoms are consistent, the best choice is ayurvedic medicine for creatinine.
The other test is a urine test. A sample of urine can conclusively tell you the amount of creatinine being released as waste which can signify kidney problems. High amounts of albumin in the urine is also a problem and should be checked for as soon as possible.
Ayurvedic medicine for creatinine is completely different from modern medicine. It does not require dialysis or kidney transplant. Ayurveda uses pain-free treatment to rid the patient of kidney disease and help him/her lead a healthy life. The herbs are extremely potent and are ground together to form a mixture, which can then be consumed by patients as recommended by the doctors.

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