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Some major functions of the kidneys are removing the dirt from the body, removing fluid from the body. The harmful metabolic waste gets eliminated from the body through urine. Kidney helps in maintaining a stable balance of the body. In addition, the kidney helps in maintaining the body's stable balance. It also controls the salt, potassium and acid content stored in the body by the kidneys. The kidneys are also responsible for improving our immunity system by producing red blood cells. They control high blood pressure. In addition, it also regulates calcium in the bones. If the kidneys stop functioning regularly, it can indicate the status of the kidney failure. One of the major reasons for kidney failure is proteinuria. Let us understand what proteinuria is and how proteinuria Ayurvedic treatment is the best.

What is proteinuria? - Karma Ayurveda

Proteinuria is a disease in which the sufferer's urine has a high amount of serum protein. The presence of protein in urine is a symptom of proteinuria. Proteinuria has three causes, in which there is a disease in the glomeruli. An increase in the amount of protein in the serum and the recomposing of the proximal tube can be considered as the last reason.

Proteinuria diabetes is a common problem among patients. If proteinuria is present then it may be that they do not know that the patient is diabetic because the patient is actually a diabetic patient or not, to determine whether he has to undergo diabetes testing. If the test shows that they are not suffering from proteinuria, then there should be further investigation to determine what is causing excess proteins in the urine. Proteinuria Ayurvedic treatment is the only natural aid to get rid of this health situation.

Symptoms of proteinuria 

There are many common symptoms that can be experienced when a person suffers from proteinuria. First of all, there can be no symptoms other than the presence of proteins in the victim's urine. As time goes on, the urine emitted from the body and can be included in a large amount of foam.

Having edema can also be a situation. In this situation, swelling may also occur in different parts of the body. If you think you are suffering from swelling in the body, or you feel you are taking the risk for such a situation, then you should check your urine. If the amount of protein found in the urine test is found, then the doctor will tell you the reason and probably will also tell you the treatment plan. Proteinuria Ayurvedic treatment can be considered in this situation.

In the beginning, there can be no problem in the situation. However, after the time has increased, there may be either partial or complete failure of the kidney in this condition. If you are going to take the risk to develop this urinal situation then it is important that your urine and your kidney should be regularly checked. Proteinuria is the stage at which our body gradually starts to lose the protein content weakening our immunity system. Protein is really a very essential compound of the body. It is important to be safe from this situation as it can give us innumerable complication that can turn uncontrollably.

Proteinuria Ayurvedic Treatment

Karma Ayurveda is a famous brand name, which was established in 1937. It has successfully treated thousands of patients with Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria. It is currently driven by in Dr. Puneet Dhawan, a famous Ayurveda practitioner, and an anti-dialysis person. He offers specialized medicines and diet to his kidney patients.

Ayurveda is considered the best treatment for all types of physical ailments. It uses certain herbs like Varun, Purnanav, Gokur, Varuna, Shirish, and Shigeru. These herbs reduce the symptoms of proteinuria. Along with this, it helps to relieve kidneys. Proteinuria Ayurvedic treatment also suggests – 

  • Prefer lеаnmеаtsthаnrеdmеаt
  • Соnsumеmоrеfіsh
  • Rеstrісtsаltіntаkе
  • Consume plenty of fruіtsаndvеgеtаblеs, grаіns, аndlеgumеs
  • Ехеrсіsеrеgulаrlу
  • Міnіmіzе theаlсоhоlіntаkе
  • Rеduсеstrеsslеvеls
  • Be vigilant about water intake

These techniques with a complete diet guide are helpful in curing the problem of proteinuria without any problem. Karma Ayurveda is the only kidney care institution that is providing an appropriate Ayurvedic treatment for proteinuria with a vision of giving a disease-free life to many kidney patients.

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