Iranian Art: A Uniquely Identifiable Art Form

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Iranian art has been one of the most sought-after alternatives whenever anything unique is thought of for adorning a house or body. Before you actually buy something influenced by this art form, it is important that you know about the art form well. This article will help you explore the unique features exhibited by Persian artwork.

The strongest mode of dissemination of the traditional heritage of the globe is through the art and culture of a particular period or region. When the art form of different periods is discussed, the Persian or Iranian art tops the list of topics. This is because of the varied form of communicated traditional and cultural heritage it hosts. It is the form of art that makes sure the rich cultural heritage reaches people generations after generations. The art form may be of ancient taste but it is in no way less luring for anyone who has a contemporary bent of mind. The features and specialities of Persian art can be traced through the different contributions it has made since the time it started to evolve.

Exploring the Art Form

The Iranian or Persian art has always been considered as an amazing form with a unique identity that it own from the prehistoric era. If you have even a minute idea about this art form, only a glace of painted pottery of the fourth millennium BCE is enough to identify it. The features of the art work are easily recognisable. One of the main characteristic traits of the art form is the bronze casting and carving of stones that are commonly found in the creativity of artists. Even the painted ornaments influenced or based on this form of artistry have the unique identification mark on them. The decoration of each and every item designed has always been a must for the Persian artists.

The Early Period

While discussing Persian art, it is important to know that the pottery designs that were available were somehow influenced by the Susiana art form. If you find anything belonging to the Iranian artistry, it is quite normal to come across items with stylized shapes of different animals and birds. The curves and structure of these creatures helped the artists offer a sense of unique art form to the respective items. The second millennium BCE was the era of political stability. It marked the excavation as well as the discovery of several new corners of the world. The palaces that were designed were highly influenced by Persian art. The gates of the main stairways were made attractive with the terra-cotta guardian animals, including griffins and bulls.

The Median Era & Beyond

This period witnessed the migration of Indo-European people to the region, thereby marking the entrance of Hittites to Anatolia and the Kassites to Babylon. As a result, a little transformation in the Iranian or Persian art form was expected and the change was a new and novel addition to the already amazing artworks. The major influence was, however, observed in the jewellery making. The bracelets with a lion’s heads or necklaces with wild ones’ faces were the specialties of the art form. The material used was gold in specific, though. The tombs of that era contained gold and silver-made vessels all around with the designs that were yet again influenced by the terra-cotta animal shapes and curves.

In short, the origin or the base of the Persian art was never left behind. And this is what made this form of art one of the most significant and uniquely recognizable form of artistry. Whether it was the ornament design or pottery painting or architecture, whenever you come across anything, you can easily identify them and the reason is their unique format, which is evident in all their masterpieces, including Persian handicraft items.

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