Inverter battery and its types

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The invention of electricity was one of the biggest scientific achievements of all time. It not only allowed people to come up with lots of devices that run on electricity but also has changed the life of humans in a way. These days’ people can't spend a single day without electricity. Starting from refrigerator, television, to train, etc. – all run on electricity. The sudden load-shedding or power cut disrupts the lives of people completely. That is why a group of scientists came up with the revolutionary idea of the inverter. 

What is an inverter and how are works?

The inverter is an electronic device that coverts the DC into an AC. The inverter operates in a completely opposite way from a converter. These inverters can supply current to an electric fan, tube light, and other household appliances. This inverter gets the power from a high-powered battery. You need to charge this inverter battery when there is a current. In case of power cut, the inverter supplies electric current with the help of this battery. 

Inverter batteries

The inverter batteries are of three types. There are maintenance-free batteries, lead-acid batteries, and Tubular batteries. Let's know about these batteries in detail.

  • Lead-acid batteries- This rechargeable battery is the oldest inverter battery. It features two lead electrodes which are dipped in a sulphuric acid solution. Here, the sulphuric acid acts as an electrolyte and its chemical reaction produces the current. The lead-acid batteries are very low in price. Despite their lightweight, the lead-acid batteries produce a large amount of current. But, these batteries require water topping almost daily. 

  • Maintenance-free batteries - This special type of inverter battery doesn't require additional water at all. As a result, these maintenance-free batteries do not demand the users to check the electrolyte level repeatedly. The maintenance-free inverter batteries charge faster than the previous type of battery. On the other side, maintenance-free batteries are pretty costly and these batteries provide a shorter life span relatively. If you check out the stores selling Luminous Inverter Battery, you will get top quality maintenance-free batteries there.  

  • Tubular batteries- This tubular battery is a modern inverter battery that is the most efficient of all batteries. The manufacturers design this special inverter battery in such a way that it provides uninterrupted power to your household appliances for hours together. That is why tubular batteries are recommended for long load-shedding. These batteries require low level of maintenance. Apart from providing high efficiency, the tubular batteries have a long operational life. Due to all these reasons, people use this kind of battery for heavy-duty applications in various industries. But, these tubular ones feature a more complicated design than the other two and that is why it is suggested to use them carefully. 

All kinds of inverter batteries emit harmful gases. No matter which inverter battery you use, don't forget to place it near your window. With so many choices available in the market it can be confusing for a beginner to buy the right one. You can Buy Luminous Inverter Battery Online, it will serve all your purpose and this brand provides multiple models.

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