Innovative and Sustainable Desert Greening Projects for a Better Planet Earth

by Evan Nasseri Seo Expert


Greening Deserts is a sustainable, social and scientific project that uses classical and modern greening techniques as well as alternative cultivation methods like permaculutre. The greening firm uses renewable energy and sustainable irrigation to make desert, barren lands and dry regions (drylands) green.

The greening company offers professionalsolutions and services for semi-arid, cold, subtropical and coastal regions close to sources of water such as rivers, lakes, oceans or seas. It uses the latest sustainable greening, afforestation, reforestation and cultivation methods such as aquaponics or hydroponics to battle climate change and desertification, for this each greening camp sets up professional greenhouses to accelerate the process.

The desert greening project mainly begins close to coasts with building of Desert Research Camps and Greening Camps. Clean technologies and science such as natural water sources by oceans and seas are combined with water energy, solar energy or other renewable energy sources and sustainable irrigation. Water is pumped at these camps into underground and over-ground reservoirs. This is followed by the production of different types of water, such as process water or mineralized drink water.

The topsoil is produced with organic gardening or farming, permaculture and the help of best quality soil producer plants that grow quickly and produce a lot of biomass. These are special plants like bamboo and hemp that can be even used in the form of organic fertilizer. Bio waste can be recycled from urban regions or cities to produce more topsoil.

Greening Desert, with proper startup financial assistance and support from local people, will be able to create forests, parks and woods in dry areas, environments, countries or nations such as Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, India and Australia. At moment the projects are focused on Europe and North Africa.

About Greening Deserts:
Greening Deserts is a famous organization that makes efforts to stop desertification and uses renewable energy and sustainable irrigation to turn dry regions green. Different kinds of cooperations and partnerships in different fields are possible. Investors, partners and sponsors are always welcome. Each constructive feedback and real support is welcome, too!

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Company Name: Greening Deserts
Owner name: Oliver Caplikas
Address: Rolf-Axen-Str.5
Phone Number: 049176842670


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